Review: Unbound Box (plus 20% off!)

I began my search for an adult subscription box a little while ago. I wanted to find a box that had high quality items for a decent price so I wouldn’t have to go search for things myself, but usually these boxes contain products you don’t typically find in your local sex shops.

I came across a list of adult boxes and began clicking away, hoping to find one that suits my desires and preferences. I got a bit distraught and only saw one that peaked my interest as I went down the alphabetically-ordered list (The Fantasy Box, which I will touch on later), until I got to the end of the list and saw…


From the website to the contents of the box, I was sold. Elegant, dark, sexy… All of which fit me. I HAD to find out more. I wanted to be sure before I subscribed though, and I wanted to make sure it was truly as good as it seemed.

And I tell you… IT IS.

The Unbound Box is a quarterly box, meaning you receive a box every three months. You pay $65 a quarter which is a little more than I am used to paying for a subscription box, but after reviewing the contents of the box, I understand why. Unbound packs their boxes with high-end products from high-class brands (JimmyJane, Good Clean Love, Sustain, Maison Close, Lelo, etc.) and does not disappoint.

I received the September Erotic Education Box for review (and by the way, their customer service is absolutely fabulous, which is ALWAYS a plus for me with a company). Whoa buddy. I love everything in this box.


This is all the items from the box. They arrived in a black cardboard box, wrapped in purple tissue paper. Simple packaging, I didn’t have to fiddle with it too much to get everything out. I laid everything out and got to exploring.

Sustain Condoms are pretty legit.


They are eco-friendly and socially conscious too! 10% of the pretax proceeds from their condoms go to helping women who don’t have access to STD testing, breast exams, family planning, and other basic feminine health concerns. Cool huh? And they are vegan and fair trade certified, individually tested, use premium latex, and are fragrance free! Sustain makes ultra thin, tailored fit (a little more snug), and comfort fit (a little wider at the tip so your guy can feel you more at the head). Check them out here, they come in packs of 3 and 10.

Unfortunately (sorta) I haven’t seen the inside of a condom packet in years so… I won’t know how awesome they are. But I so encourage everyone else to try them out!

Next, we have a bralette and ruler from Maison Close.


Now these two were SO hot to me. The bralette is actually…


A bra with no cups. Just… Elastic and lace. This is how it’s supposed to fit.


I personally don’t do lingerie because with Hubs, it’s a waste. I buy it, look hella sexy, he gawks at it for all of 90 seconds, I turn around and bend over or something, and he says, “Aight, now take it off.” And we have sex.


Lace wasted. But with this, it doesn’t have to come off, and you get all the sexiness of nudity and lingerie combined. And this ruler! A sexy oversized (40 inch) wooden ruler with gold printing and a pretty gold tassel, housed in a velvet pouch. Perfect for spanking, and Unbound did a great job of including this in this box for it’s “lesson”, which is “Erotic Education”. Clever! Another win.

Next on the list, we have the Babeland Honey Vanilla Massage candle.


For starters, Babeland is a FANTASTIC company to begin with. They donate and support different causes with their sex toys, and they often have a lot of eco-friendly and sustainable products. But this candle… wow. I loooove everything chocolate, vanilla, honey, marzipan, almond… Pretty much anything that smells like pastries and non-fruit dessert. This candle smells like sex and candy in a jar *cue Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy”*. The scent is sweet but not sickly, but a sexy sweet that will make your partner want to lick you all over. When you light the candle, it melts into an oil that you can use for massage, lotion, whatever. SCORE, because it smells so good I wanna use it as lotion. And underneath the lid, there’s a mini brush so you can brush on the oil! The candle is packed with natural ingredients; the only artificial thing in there is the fragrance and even that is phthalate-free. I can’t wait to slather some on after I light this candle, maybe with a warm bath full of bubbles and bath oil.

And Unbound has included a matchbox so you can light the candle. It’s a one-stop shop with this box.

And last but totally not least: The Big Book of Submission, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.


This is an erotica book filled with 69 (heh) kinky tales and stories featuring dominance, submission, bondage, and all types of sexiness. Being that Hubs and I are into the D/s (Dominance/submission) scene, this added just the right OOMPH to this box. I only read one story so far, but hot damn. I’m probably gonna read more tonight. If you liked 50 Shades (I didn’t read it… Tragic, I know), I’m sure you’ll dig this.

So this is how I think the box usage will go for some folks:
-You will read The Big Book of Submission and get turned on like crazy
-You will slip on the bra from Maison Close and find your partner
-Begin make out session
-You will have your partner give you a sexy massage with the Babeland Honey Vanilla massage candle (lit with the Unbound matches)
-He will slip on the Sustain condoms, grab the ruler from Maison Close, and you will have some of the hottest sex of your life.

My prediction.

Overall, I think this box was absolutely perfect. It had a plethora of all sorts of products, including brands I have never heard of. I love that the candle is natural and has such a sexy REAL smell, and the condoms are vegan and eco-friendly. The items from Maison Close are unique and uber hot, and The Big Book of Submission is just the right thing to get you in the mood and sort of get your feet wet in the BDSM world.

My only criticism of the box is that it’s only every 3 months. As good as it is, I would want it every 1 or 2 months!

I’m definitely subscribing after reviewing this box. I feel like it was made for me and my interests, the products included are high quality and very unique, and you can tell that they try their best to make sure their customers are taken care of and have the BEST.

If you want to subscribe, use code GBL20 for 20% off of your first box! Trust me… It’s ALL THE WAY worth it. Subscribe here!

I’ll be sitting with a cup of tea reading this book tonight. Only a few stories a night. I think Hubs will be pleased… I KNOW I will.

GREAT job, Unbound.

-K. P.


Balance. Life is All About Balance.

Today has been a day full of what I will call… BALANCE. One shitty thing would happen and then something great happened to counter it.
-I had to pay for another night at the hotel just so we could have a few more hours until my flight home, but we ended up napping and watching football until we had to go to the airport.
-My first flight home was delayed by an hour, which means I would have missed my connecting flight home and it was the last flight into my city for tonight. They rescheduled my flight, free, and I get another night and morning with my husband.
-I couldn’t finish the first time we had sex, but the second time was beyond amazing and I couldn’t hear out of my right ear afterward.
-Paying for the hotel room actually worked out, because I didn’t check out of the room before finding out about my flight.
-I had an ass of food that I thought I would have to throw away and waste, but I absentmindedly left it in the fridge in the hotel… And I now have food for tonight and tomorrow.


Only crappy thing about today so far is that my team (Falcons) lost, and my fantasy team may bite the dust too. Ugh. BUT my backup team (Packers) won.

See? Balance.

Point is, you won’t stay down for long. Life always balances itself out. In every crap situation, there is at least one good aspect of it. Try to find that one good thing when you’re going through bull. There’s ALWAYS a positive.

On that note… FALCONS ARE GONNA TAKE IT THIS YEAR. I’ll represent anyway!

-K. P. IMG_2490.JPG

For the Fellas: “Whiskey Dick”, E.D., and Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Since I was sick this week, I had my first taste of whiskey (Jack Daniels, to be exact) in a Hot Toddy due to whiskey’s immune-boosting capacity. The mixture consisted of honey, lemon juice, water, and Jack.

IT. WAS. AWESOME. I’m seriously gonna drink more tonight just because I can.

But then I started thinking of how I heard about “Whiskey Dick” before, which apparently is when a guy can’t perform sexually because he’s too drunk. And when I say can’t perform, I’m saying he can’t get it up. This is due to the sedative effect alcohol has on the central nervous system, and makes the body (and penis) numb to external stimuli (i.e., a naked chick, boobs, the like).  Why is whiskey deemed the culprit of this, I have no idea. But of course ANY alcohol in excess has this effect, so downing a few shots of Jack won’t mess you up too bad; in fact, small amounts of alcohol are said to IMPROVE a man’s erection. Improve, like making the erections harder and larger. Fascinating.

Also, moderate alcohol drinkers are 20-30% less likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who don’t drink. Gives you guys a little excuse to throw one back every now and then, huh?

Whiskey in particular has a few pretty good health benefits including increased heart health, reducing the chance of diabetes by as much as 30-40%, and reducing chances of dementia, and reducing blood clots. Other hard liquors I’m sure have their own beneficial properties as well, so check out your favorite liquor to see what it can do for you.

But PLEASE do not forget… DRINKING IN MODERATION IS THE KEY. Don’t go get drunk off your ass and then say “My heart will be healthier and my dick will be a fucking monster.” That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Enjoy a drink every now and then, enjoy the health and sex benefits. Take a shot of Jack, or try that Hot Toddy next time you catch a cold. Good stuff, man.

– K. P.

Ramblings – 25 SEP 2014

“Ramblings” is a section I’m adding to the page. It’s when I (K. P.) feel like writing but about nothing in particular.

Carry on.

Ok, I have another obsession to add to my obsession list:

Subscription boxes.

Possibly because I’m lazy and the boxes make it so easy to obtain a bunch of crap that I don’t have to put together myself. I was unaware that they had ADULT subscription boxes as of late… Sexy sexy. I signed up for one and I’m reviewing another for you guys, so hold tight for a week or two! The two adult box companies I’m reviewing are also offering you guys discount codes if you wanna sign up for your own boxes!

If you didn’t know, I’m also a HUGE football fan. I hate that Thursday Night Football is being overshadowed by Scandal and the other new shows coming on tonight. I just wanna watch the game in peace on social media… Blah. I also hate that the Giants are winning. I’m against the Gianta solely because Hubs is a Giants fans and hates my team.

I also haven’t been feeling too sexy. My cold has improved tremendously, but having sex with a cold, although possibly helpful, isn’t too hot when one person is coughing and hocking phlegm during the whole shebangabang. Not quite the turn-on. Hubs didn’t care, but I was trying to focus on too much at once.

2. Not coughing.
3. Reaching orgasm.
4. Clearing my throat.
5. Still looking good.

Eh, not the ideal situation. I got frustrated and just wanted to take a nap. So I’ve been useless for the rest of the day, trying to heal completely, painted my nails, watched the season premiere of SVU on Hulu, and started watching this punk ass Giants game.

Oh… Also…


Seriously hurt my heart, but it was incorrectly placed and I have to have it redone. I miss it already. (If you don’t know what a VCH is… Ask Google. Otherwise, I’ll post about different intimate piercings in a week or so.)

That’s all I got. Bout to kill some leftovers and bum out.


– K. P.

Wellness Wednesday: Sex to Cure the Common Cold

I have been feeling like complete CRAP the last three days. The timing couldn’t be any worse either; I’m visiting my husband for the week. Being a military wife can be tough, but when I see my man after a few weeks or months, it makes me appreciate him so much more.

But back to me and my sorrows.

So I ended up getting a full blown cold over the last three days. Stuffy nose, mucus, watery eyes, Wolverine-slashed throat… The works. Haven’t been sleeping well, and I feel like I resemble a real-life zombie from The Walking Dead. Being that Hubs has duty, I’m usually stranded in the hotel room and left to my own devices, which sucks. He has been taking good care of me when he can though.

Being that I only see him for a few days, of COURSE I’m gonna try to be all over him as often as possible. But you know how when you’re sick you don’t want anyone near you or touching you? Yeah… Me too. So I was having some pretty strong internal battles regarding:

To bang, or not to bang.

I’ve been so tired, feeling so hideous, and feeling like a guppy breathing out of my mouth and closing it for moisture every few minutes. So when he taps me wanting to bone, I’m looking like



But upon researching, I discovered that sex can help heal your cold. Whaaa? Apparently, having sex increases the level of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is the dominant antibody and first line of defense against colds, and helps boost the immune system. People who have sex 1-2 times a week have 33% higher levels of IgA in their system. Pretty good incentive, huh? BUT having sex 3+ times a week is said to have a similar effect to those who don’t have sex 1-2 times a week. So frequent sex is not so great for the immune system? Fail.

Also… Semen contains different hormones and prostaglandins that are actually mood enhancers when they enter a woman’s bloodstream through the vaginal wall. Having unprotected sex (with a trusted, clean partner) can put you in a better mood and make you feel better when you’re feeling shitty from a cold. Oxytocin is released during and after sex as well, which makes you feel loving and generous toward your partner, but also helps induce sleep and calmness. And of course, sweating during sex is good for “sweating out your cold”, and orgasms are simply amazing on their own!

Hubs still thinks I’m sexy even though I’m sick, so I gave in. And no lie, my stuffy nose cleared (although temporarily), I have no more fever, I’m in a good mood, and I just feel SO much better. Still shitty, but not AS shitty.

Next time you’re sick, get busy with your partner while you’re confined to bed trying to recover. Blow your nose before, do your makeup and hair if you feel the need, and hit the sheets! I bet that cold will be a couple days shorter, AND you’ll enjoy yourself a bit 😉

– K. P.

Review: Good Clean Love

Folks who know me know that I am a huge natural and organic fanatic, with EVERYTHING. Food, lotions, hair care, sex accessories… everything. I’m very sensitive and fought below the belt with rotating bouts of BV, yeast infections, UTIs, and irritation for YEARS until I decided to take more initiative and only use pH and vagina-friendly products for everything that comes in contact with my lady parts. Although I end up spending more time and money, I now spend less time with infections and less money on medications.

One of the first lube brands I found that was natural and vagina-friendly was by Good Clean Love.
The brand takes pride in having 95% natural ingredients in their products, and their lubes are fertility friendly as well for those who are trying to conceive. Good Clean Love promotes sexual wellness as well as deepening intimacy with your partner on every level, which is better than just being a company focused on selling products just to help you get off.

Their Almost Naked lubricant is amazing; it is made with a base of aloe vera, and it is vegan, no parabens, no petroleum, just pure natural goodness. The consistency is sort of like a hair gel, but isn’t as heavy. The scent is like a light vanilla, which I initially thought would irritate me, but it didn’t at all! I also tried the Cinnamon Vanilla… same consistency, but smells a little more spicy than the original. The first time I used it, it created a bit of a warm tingle because of the cinnamon, but to me it burned and I had to wash it off. I used it again on a later date, and the warming sensation was more pleasant and tolerable. Neither of the lubes dry out easily, and I wasn’t irritated by either, nor did I have any type of reaction or infection resulting from using either one. To me, that is a success!

I’ve been buying GCL’s lube for years, and I recently began browsing their non-lube products. They have a lot of other products that were produced to heighten and deepen intimacy beyond a merely sexual level. I had the privilege of trying out Good Clean Love’s Body Candy and Love Oil, and I can say that this brand is just legit all the way around.


I got to try the Indian Spice Love Oil first.


The mini rollerball packaging (for the sampler size) was cute and convenient, and the ingredient label was short, which I think is great (and I could pronounce everything on it!). When I opened it and applied it, I got the strong aroma of cinnamon and other spices. It was light, but still had enough OOMPH to be able to smell it when you get close. When I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent, it reminded me of fuchsia, royal purple, and gold tapestry in a foreign Middle Eastern land. Sort of reminded me of when I make my spiced apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar… Just minus the apple scent and not as sweet. Smell doesn’t last too long, but it is very pleasant and does make you feel pretty and exotic.

Next, I tried the Cocoa Mint Body Candy ($13.99).


I am a sucker for EVERYTHING chocolate, so I was really excited to try this one. This Body Candy is crafted with organic Egyptian cocoa, natural butters, agave nectar for sweetness, and organic oils. It is meant to provide some sweetness to your kissable areas, and is edible. It came in a round tin, very pretty. Opened the tin, and the body candy looks like body butter, which was refreshing. The texture is smooth, and it sort of melts on contact. It smells sort of like a York peppermint patty, and the mint aroma is definitely stronger than the cocoa aroma. The taste test didn’t go so well for me or Hubs. When I tasted it, all I got was mint, no cocoa and no sweetness. I did, however, love how smooth and non-oily the body candy was. I put some of it on my boob to let Hubs taste it (because he probably wouldn’t have licked my hand if I asked), and he looked puzzled and said “I don’t taste chocolate… Just mint.” So although we both SMELLED chocolate, we didn’t taste it or taste sweetness really. I have been using the body candy on my lips though; it creates a nice sheen and tingle, and my lips smell amazing with it on. I think it would also work nicely as a body butter on the hands, elbows, or knees since it moisturizes really well.

Although the Body Candy didn’t taste how we expected, I still love both products. The Love Oil in Indian Spice transports me to another place, smells spicy and erotic, and it’s different from my usual scent. The Body Candy is a nice little treat, smells great, and feels even better. I would recommend ANYTHING from Good Clean Love, especially for the vegans and other natural gals like myself.

If you want to join their community, they have a program called Love Agents. As a Love Agent, you are given missions to write, video, or photograph about from different areas of your relationship. Some missions are focused on sex, some are communication, some are how to make your partner happy that day. I’ve been doing the program for some weeks now, and I think it’s a great way to open up and also learn how to be a better partner. AND, for every few missions you complete, you receive a $10 coupon to use in the Good Clean Love Online shop! You can use it right there, or you can rack them up and buy something big! Learn how to be a Love Agent here!

Check them out y’all! Get to loving organically!

– K. P.

Shop Highlight: To Be His Locking Collars

Ok check this out.

I am only obsessed with a few things.

Silver jewelry.
Natural and organic things.
Sex with my husband.
Cooking shows.
My husband in his uniform.
Videos featuring cute animals.
Crab legs.

But we are only gonna focus on the first and fourth things on this list. Recently, Hubs and I decided to look into the BDSM world, only after discussing the desire to explore it after being together for almost four years. I did my research, and clearly there’s some stuff that we simply won’t even get into (animal play, humiliation, things of that sort)… But some stuff was a definite turn-on about the culture.

BDSM is separated into three segments:

B/D: Bondage and discipline
D/s: Dominance and submission
S/M: Sadism and masochism

S/M is the only one that I’m not really feeling… It’s a bit much for my liking. I’m also not really into humiliation and intense pain. B/D can be fun, but only on occasion for me. It sometimes requires a bit of preparation, equipment, and effort, and I’m a tad but lazy. But D/s, in my opinion, can be very fulfilling and fun when done with respect and love.

I came across To Be His on Etsy recently, and this shop made me love the D/s culture a bit more. To Be His is a company run by a husband and wife (who happen to also be in a Dominant/submissive relationship! And married!) team. They work together to create beautiful locking collars with various chain designs and just the right touch of femininity. Victoria, the lady of the company, thought it would be wonderful for submissives to have lavish collars to wear, rather than the typical run-of-the-mill leather collars with a circular ring on the front. Victoria states that

good girls deserve to have at least one opulent collar to remind them of how good behavior is rewarded.

I like this. A LOT.

So she began, with the help of her husband Paul, to create sterling silver and stainless steel collars with round or heart-shaped nickel-plated padlocks. Oh, and the padlocks on their jewelry actually work. Not a padlock charm, a real, functional padlock with a key that opens the lock. I’ve seen time and time again these locks that aren’t really locks, and it just pissed me off. Useless. But Victoria and Paul made sure that their locks WORK and look great too.

Now one thing I’ve noticed: when researching locking jewelry before now, I have NEVER found a padlock that actually locks AND was solid sterling silver. It seems that Paul and Victoria shared the same frustration, but they took theirs a step further and decided to CREATE their own solid sterling silver padlocks! Paul states that each padlock takes roughly 10 hours to make, but when finished, it is shiny, solid sterling, and fully functional.

Oh. Shit. JACKPOT. I need this in my life. The price on the sterling locks is higher due to how much work and time goes into creating them, but is SO worth it because you seriously won’t find them anywhere else. I’ve tried. It ain’t happening.

So the way it works is, you (or have your partner) unlock the padlock. Put it around your neck. One of you locks the padlock. In public, people will probably be all “Oh snap, your necklace is so pretty, where did you get it?”


But behind closed doors, only you and your partner can take it up a notch and give it a totally different meaning. These necklaces are perfect even for the “Vanilla” folks who aren’t down with BDSM. Just look at how pretty they are!




To Be His offers many different price ranges to fit any budget as well! Metal, silver, steel, nickel-plated locks, sterling silver locks, pearls, Ethiopian opal, Swarovski crystals… Victoria is right, subs (submissive ladies) SHOULD have a pretty, feminine collar to wear!

For me, it’s a dominance and submissive thing, which is pretty sexy. But it’s also a sort of “eternal love” type of thing, which is great for couples. I love the love Paul has for his company and for his wife that I witnessed via conversation, and Victoria is actually on her journey to mommyhood as we speak! She is approaching her due date soon, and I really love the family aspect that this company has.

Check out To Be His and buy handmade! Also enjoy 5% off your purchase using code kia5off!

Get into it! Dip your toes into the culture; it can really be a fun and rewarding ride 😉

– K. P.

Review: Eternity Collars Satin Finish Bracelet (Plus 10% off discount code!)

Unfortunately y’all, I’m sick today. I swear I get tonsillitis every year around the same time! But my throat feels awful, I’m stuffy, and my sinuses are draining.

In a nutshell, I’m pretty disgusting right now. But, it’s not gonna stop me from doing my review on something I came across that I just ADORE: Eternity Collars’ jewelry.

Many people have heard of this bracelet that locks with a screwdriver by Cartier. I’m sure you’ve also heard of that price running you no less than $6,000… which is simply unacceptable. I’ve wanted a locking bracelet for years, but there’s no way I was gonna pay that amount of money for a piece of jewelry. My wedding rings don’t even cost that much! For me, the idea of a piece of jewelry that locks and can only be removed by the person who holds the key is not only romantic, but it’s sexy in a slight submissive way. I dig that. Luckily, Hubs was into it too.

Upon researching for more cost-effective locking jewelry, I found Eternity Collars. They make bracelets, necklaces, and anklets that close with a unique Allen screw/tongue-in-groove closure by a mini screwdriver. Eternity Collars has five main collections for their jewelry.

1. Original Collection – Bright, shimmering stainless steel. The original design. Weighted, sturdy, shiny.

2. Titanium Collection – Looks like the original, but is significantly lighter in weight than the original since it is made from titanium. Titanium is light but VERY strong. A little pricier due to the metal used.

3. Satin Collection – This is the collection my bracelet is from. The Satin Collection jewelry features a brushed stainless steel finish, appearing more matte and not as shiny as the original. It’s great for masking scuffs and scratches if you think you may ding it around a bit.

4. Black Collection – To me, these are HOT. I think they’re beautiful and very unique. The stainless steel is coated using an advanced technique that produces a black finish, which is incredibly sexy and different from the norm.

5. Gold Collection – Self explanatory. Stainless steel plated with 18K gold, producing a beautiful gold finish. For you fancy folks.

As stated, my bracelet came from the Satin Collection because I figured I would be banging it around a good bit. I bothered Hubs enough until he bought me one, and he was sort of into the idea of him being the only one to put it on and take it off. He put in the order and got it shipped to my house, and it arrived within 3 days. Pretty quick! I was very pleased with the packaging as well. It arrived in a plain brown box, very discreet. But inside the box…



A nice black box with the Eternity Collars logo, and the bracelet was packaged in a velvety soft black drawstring bag. Sexy and elegant. Underneath the black bag with the bracelet was a smaller black plastic pouch that contained the screwdriver and two spare screws. I thought the two spare screws were pretty handy, because they’re so small and I actually ended up dropping and almost losing one when I opened the bracelet for the first time!


The screwdriver was different than I expected, based off of the photos on the website. But I think the one I received was a lot more attractive and easy to use. So far, everything is looking great.

Now to break into the little black bag…


I LOVED the satin finish. It’s different than the typical shiny jewelry. And the website was right; It will mask scratches a lot better than the others collections. This bracelet has a good bit of weight on it too. I actually worried if it would be too heavy, but I can handle some weight.


It had a screw in the closure already, so I familiarized myself with screwing and unscrewing the bracelet. I tried it on to see how/if it would fit. Hubs got me a size small for my less-than-six-inch wrists, and it fit perfectly.


I think it looks gorgeous on my wrist. To me it sort of resembles handcuffs, which I really love. When Hubs screwed it on me a few days ago, I noticed how sleek the closure is and how the cuff is a smooth continuation all the way around when closed. No jagged closures, no catching on anything. It’s awesome.

Overall, I definitely love Eternity Collars and their jewelry. Aesthetically, their jewelry is wonderfully crafted and it is very high quality. From a sexual standpoint, it gives you the feeling of being submissive but still sexy while wearing your jewelry that only your partner has the power to remove.

I now need one for each wrist, so I’ll totally have to get a matching one for the right wrist. And maybe an anklet too. VERY pleased with this bracelet! Hopefully I won’t have any issues going through airport security.

Head over to Eternity Collars now and get 10% off your purchase using the code ETERNITYGBL1! Good until April 2015!

Hope you love them as much as I do!

– K. P.

Review: OVO Pleasure Ring (B7)

Upon visiting my favorite adult store last week to get some new toys for visiting my husband, the employee helping me suggested that I try a vibrating ring with my guy. Being totally down for trying new things, I let him lead me to the area of the store lines with rows of circular-shaped silicone.

I have heard of cock rings, but was not really familiar with them from a personal standpoint. From my understanding, cock rings are meant for keeping blood sort of “trapped” in the penis, which results in a harder erection. They are placed around the base of the penis, and are often used with guys who have a more difficult time remaining erect or simply for guys who want a stronger erection. Many are made with silicone, some have mini vibrators inside so that they vibrate (for him or for both people), and for the more advanced, some are leather or even metal.

The guy helping me suggested that I try a vibrating ring from OVO, since it should be stimulating for both people and it is, according to him, a good brand. He pointed me to the B8, which was very aesthetically pleasing. I had to decline because if the vibration was going to also be for me for clitoral stimulation, I don’t like using metal due to a couple of “ornaments” that end up sounding like buzzing bees or jingling keys if I use metal toys. So, he directed me to the B7; also very appealing to the eyes. I knew my guy really didn’t need this ring, but I thought it could be fun. Plus it was only $20, which I didn’t think was too horrible. I shrugged with the “why not?” shrug, tucked the matte red B7 in one hand, and headed to the register.

And then… I found out “why not”.

Luckily my Hubs is very open as well to trying *most* things. I took the ring out of it’s packaging and we began to “inspect” it. The ring looks very sleek and elegant, and the vibrating portion has a decent amount of power. The silicone is smooth and seamless, that was a plus.



Nice size. The small metal button on the top is to turn the vibration on and off. There is only one vibration speed and setting… Which would bother me in any other toy but for the purpose of the ring, it didn’t bother me too much. Guys are relatively simple with that sort of stuff.

So then there’s the actual ring, which goes around the base of the penis. As you can see, the hole is not very large.


I also have itty bitty hands and fingers, so the hole is pretty small. The silicone does stretch to accommodate a penis, but how comfortably it will fit depends on your guy’s size.


Remember what I said about the comfort of the ring depending on the guy’s size? Yeah… According to him (and my own visual assessment), it was too tight, and not tight in a pleasurable way. He was uncomfortable. He could feel the vibration, but it didn’t really affect him one way or another.

So for the vibration to work on me, he would have to place the ring so that the vibrating end is on the front side of the penis, with the metal button facing him. The ring is only stimulating to the female if he inserts his penis into your vagina, leaves it there, and you place the vibrating portion onto your clitoris accordingly.

Who has time for that? We didn’t. Didn’t even get that far before he took it off and nearly flung it across the room.

I’m not gonna knock it for everyone, but I can say that for us, it was a no-go. All it did for me was look pretty nice, and all it did for Hubs was make him upset. Ha. It DOES work for the tightness at the base of the penis if that’s what the guy needs/wants, but I think size seriously does matter in this sense, and your guy may end up quite uncomfortable and feel suffocated in the ring.

Bottom line: never be afraid to explore and try new things… But not everybody is made or fit for cock rings. (That rhymed… Ha.) Some things should just be left to other folks.

I couldn’t imagine the metal cock rings that don’t stretch. OMG… Somebody take the wheel.

– K. P.