Admin Highlight: K. P.

Hey there!
Well, I’m Kia P., and I am one of the three admins of GBL and the site founder.

I am a 24 year old nurse, born and raised in Georgia. I specialized in labor and delivery nursing for a while, then switched to mental health. The switch has allowed me to better counsel women (and some men) on relationships and sexual health. I have always been fascinated with sexual health since I was young, and I plan to become a women’s health nurse practitioner with a sexual health concentration.

I am a huge football fan (Falcons, baby… RISE UP!), and I am an artist when I’m not being a nurse. I sell my artwork and I really enjoy painting black art, nudes, and abstract work. I will be posting my art periodically here, of course.

I got married to my college sweetheart August 18, 2014, and our relationship has been one of the best adventures of my life. We are both very sexual people, and he has encouraged me to embark on this journey to help others awaken the sexual being inside of them with no fear or shame.

What am I into…?
Sensuality. Passion. Everything organic. Intimacy. Satin. Sweetness. Scents. Candles. Tattoos. Piercings. Ankle restraints. Wrist restraints. Blindfolds. To be continued…

Can’t wait to share with and explore with you guys!IMG_0681.JPG


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