Not talking about sex within marriage…

Wonderful post. I love it. Married sex is the absolute BEST. But… Gotta put in work!

See, there's this thing called biology...

In an earlier post I wrote about attitudes towards sex, some of the cultural changes we’re experiencing, and expressed support for the women who are out there bravely trying to teach women about some of the potential pitfalls of engaging in casual sex. It’s kind of amusing, a couple of comments implied that it felt like I had left something out. I suppose I did. I somehow managed to talk about sex within marriage without talking about sex within marriage at all.

So what is sex within the context of a long term committed marriage? Awesome, unbelievable, one of life’s best kept secrets….and also a heck of a lot of work. Not physical work, pun intended, but emotional, psychological, the building of trust, patience, communication, you know, kind of like marriage itself.  It is extremely challenging to try and build intimacy with another human being. Somebody smart said marriage was…

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