Better Quality or Better Price? Decisions when it comes to intimate toys (JimmyJane and Lelo)

I’ve been told that I am a bit… Uppity.

I typically only purchase my toys and accessories from two sex toy brands: JimmyJane and Lelo. When I told a friend about it, she responded “Oh you like that high end stuff…” and it made me feel some kind of way. I appreciate the quality of the products of both brands, and the price reflects the high level of durability and power.

I have a bullet and a regular vibrator from JimmyJane, and I have not been disappointed. The Iconic Bullet is usually about $16, which I have been told is more expensive than the usual bullets, but it definitely packs such a powerful punch that it’s worth every extra dollar that I was accused of paying.


I purchased a Screaming O bullet for $10, and it’s no comparison; although it has three vibe levels and one pulsing one, I felt as though the vibration was weak (I had to go up to the second or third level for it to have much effect), and I seriously miss my JimmyJane bullet. The Iconic Bullet also has three settings, but even the lowest setting is very strong yet still very quiet. I rarely had to go up to the third vibe level to get a buzz (ha… Pun), the first two were more than substantial. I’m totally buying new batteries.

I’m not a fan of regular vibrators, but JimmyJane’s Iconic Smoothie is pretty legit.


Smooth, strong but gentle (if that’s a “thing”) vibration. Simple design looks very sleek and modern, and allows you to just “get to the point”. Pretty good price as well ($20)

Lelo is just amazing. I have one massager from the brand, the Smart Wand


This is the absolute BEST massager I have ever seen. The price for the large wand is about $189 while the medium is $129. I have never used it for sexual purposes, but even it’s non sexual use is just phenomenal. The wand is rechargeable (SCORE), and not only does it have different vibration styles, but you can also increase or decrease the intensity using buttons on the wand. It uses Sense Touch, which increases vibration upon contact with the skin. Cool huh?

It’s very easy to go online or into any Starship or Love Shack and pick up a cheap sex toy. Some of them, I’m sure, get the job done and are problem free. BUT… I will always choose the best when it comes to my pleasure. Better quality toys, although more expensive, will last you longer, even if you have to replace batteries regularly. Stronger vibrations, better craftsmanship, great durability.

If anyone has purchased an inexpensive toy that worked for them for a long time, I applaud you! I haven’t been so lucky; Most of my friends who I know bought something cheap and on the fly, they ended up having to replace in a few months.

Call me uppity I guess… But I’m gonna stick with my two brands for toys! I actually just purchased Lelo’s Luna Beads and Crave’s new wearable vibrator recently, so I will surely post about how they work out.

Until next time 😉

-K. P.


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