Pole Dancing at a Bridal Show… Why So Serious?

Even though I got married less than a month ago, we didn’t have a wedding. Since my husband is in the military, we made it short and sweet (which I actually now prefer over a huge wedding), and got married at the courthouse. I will post our marriage story one day.

ANYWAY. So today I went to a bridal show in my hometown. It’s a big event where we get a bunch of free shit, champagne samples, and vendors trying to get us to buy their stuff and use their services. Cool.

My favorite vendor there was from a pole dance studio that I previously took a class with. At a bridal show last year, I was like “Why the hell is a pole studio at a BRIDAL SHOW? Inappropriate!” But a year later, it makes sense.

The dancers had a pole set up and allowed us lay people to do a sexy walk or a twirl around the pole, and offered a voucher for a free class. HELL. YES. I got my shapely ass on that pole and awkwardly twirled around it one good time before noticing the somewhat stunned and borderline disgusted faces of some of the other patrons in the facility. Is being sexy and taking pole/floor/chair dance classes whore-ish or disgusting… FOR YOUR HUSBAND???

It just blew my mind. These women are walking by the pole studio’s table, like only the Skanks of ATL would stop there. But remember… It’s a BRIDAL SHOW. more than likely, the women who are stopping at the table at this show are wanting to be sexy for their partners. But a common perception, apparently, is that sexiness is taboo, even in a marriage.


Why can’t we be fully and openly sexually free with our partner, the one who we have vowed to be with until death? Why should we still feel inhibited with them? Why should we be afraid to let them know what our desires are? Who wants a lifetime of shy or bad sex?

Not I. Screw that.

If you wanna take a pole class, take the damn class. Something else you wanna try? Bring it up to your partner and get to those uncharted waters of your sexuality. It’s sacred between you two, so make it as special as you possibly can. Don’t have a spirit of fear with the one you love.

Now, which one of those classes am I gonna take to learn some new tricks…?

– K. P.


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