Review: Inserection Adult Store

Inserection is, by far, my absolute FAVORITE sex shop anywhere in the world. Located in my hometown of ATL off of Cheshire Bridge Road, it is the largest sex shop in the southeast US.

I went in to find some more small, inexpensive products to try out with my new husband when I go visit him (YES!!!) and to review in general. The staff is so helpful, there is a guy who works there (I didn’t get his name… Crap) who has helped me twice and is very knowledgeable of the items in the store, also is very willing to help you find what you need. He walked around with me, as indecisive as I am, to help me find whatever I needed for the whole time I was in the store!

When I say they have EVERYTHING… They have everything.





And that was only PART of the toy section. Like a fraction of it. My goodness. There’s a section for cock rings, dildos, vibrators, Ben Wa balls, male masturbation sleeves (oral, vaginal, and anal simulators), bondage and BDSM kits, lubes for EVERYTHING… And that’s all just on the first floor.

Second floor has gorgeous lingerie on one side, and a pretty huge DVD selection on the other side. I haven’t explored the DVDs, but that room is big. Haha. I often see customers checking it out, so I assume it’s at least semi legit.

So I got a few goodies to try out, I’ll be reviewing them over the next week. A ring, different lubes, arousal gel, toy cleaner, other randomness. Around the register are a bunch of smaller samples for purchase for good prices if you don’t want to splurge just yet. They have Screaming O bullet vibrators for $10 at the front, as well as mini/travel sized lubes, toy cleaners, individual condoms (including magnums), anal lubricants, and flavored condoms.

Like I said, they have EVERYTHING.

I SO recommend anybody who lives in or around ATL to hit up Inserection. Even if you come visit, take some stuff back home with you! I’ll be sure to post my reviews on all my goodies. Can’t wait to visit the shop again; it’s like a naughty wonderland. Love it.


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