The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Oral Sex

I happen to love this. Read away.

A Buick in the Land of Lexus

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Author’s Note: I originally ran this post last year, when I had been blogging all of 2 weeks and had 12 followers.
Thought it might be fun to break it out of The Vault.

My friend and her husband are ending their marriage over the most banal of issues – sex.

“But Samara, your marriage didn’t work out. Should you be passing judgement?”

Shut yer pie hole! My marriage didn’t end because I wouldn’t blow my husband!

They’re ending their marriage because they are “sexually incompatible.”  He wants her to do certain things that she hasn’t done since they were dating. He’s angry that she’s being “withholding.” She’s angry that he’s a “sex addict” (whatever THAT is).

Essentially, they are ending their marriage over blow jobs.

I do not profess to be a sexpert. I hope none of you will think I’m using gratuitous sex to generate followers (does it…

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