G Marks the Spot… Can You Find It?

Many women are unfamiliar with where the G-spot is located or what it even is. The G-spot, or Gräfenberg spot, is located along the anterior (front) wall of the vagina, usually 1-3 inches in.


(So FYI, if a dude is telling you he needs to go deep to get you off, it’s bullshit. Only thing that’s gonna happen is him banging up against your cervix, which can cause CRAZY pain and cervical bruising.)

Given the location of the spot, certain positions and angles often help with stimulation. I’ve noticed two positions in particular that are pretty simple with just slight modifications.


Lying on your back, have your partner hold your legs up, or place your feet on his chest or shoulders, depending on your flexibility. This angle raises the hips so that his penis has the ability to rub right against the G-spot easily.he doesn’t have to go too deep either; the angle of the hips and legs makes G-spot stimulation attainable.


(The photo cracks me up… They look way too blissful.)
An age old favorite, from behind. You don’t necessarily have to be standing; the woman can be bent over a table or chair, or both partners can be on their knees. This angle places the G-spot in a different position (sort of “upside down”), so if it can’t be hit in other positions, usually it can be hit in this one. Once again, deep penetration isn’t necessary for the G-spot to be stimulated, but if deep is your thing, go for it!
Ladies, arch your back downward and rest on your forearms to take some if the pressure off of your arms. The more you’re able to relax, the more you can enjoy yourself. And have him grab your hips or rub your back… It makes a world of difference!

These are jus my personal top two, proven success! What other positions do you find hit your spot the best?

– K. P.


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