TBT: AWKWARD First Experience 2 (Mara Rae)

My first time with my now boyfriend was the definition of awkward.

It was senior skip day me and him decided to skip for the day and go to my house to do a project for class we had together. Ok I lied… we didnt skip, it was shadowing day but we didn’t shadow anyone… It just happened to fall on the skip day lol.

So back to my story.

I fell asleep while he was on the computer researching. A hour later, I woke up horny. Uh oh… trouble. At this time I was talking to someone else and he was dating someone else. I know that’s bad but he wanted me since 9th grade so he took that opportunity.

We were downstairs with no place to go because my mom was upstairs. Thinking and thinking, we finally decided the downstairs bathroom. (Mind you this bathroom is soooo small!) So he sits on the toilet and I get on top. It was so irritating because we had a loose toliet seat so we couldnt go hard. After we finished all we could say was WOW! It was a good, awkward first time with him. After we finished we really didn’t even talk about it, just got back our work. The next day at school he told this dude I knew forever, and for two weeks straight he called me TOILET! Lol. He then left his girlfriend for me and he  was pussy whipped, and we would sneak and sex every chance I got. Even to this day, we would still talk about how he just dumped his girlfriend for my sex. And in his “defense” he would say “You knew I wanted to be your boyfriend since 9th grade.”

So you know how people say if you start your relationship off in a shady way it wont last. Look at us now. 5 years strong. I love that man!

Rae J 💋



  1. therushofadrenaline · September 19, 2014

    Do you regret it now?


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