Anaconda? Don’t.

The Word Cunt

I keep up with pop culture for a very specific reason, and it’s not because I’m fascinated with the Kardashian sisters. I keep up with pop culture because I recognize the resounding impact that it has on those who willingly or unwittingly consume it in its varied and vivid forms. The recent release of rapper Nicki Minaj’s single Anaconda received very mixed reviews, but all the same the song had 1,41,000 download in the first week. It begs a discussion (albeit one sided because of the blog form, but that’s what the comment section is for).


When Nicki Minaj came on the scene with her hit single “Super Bass” in 2010, there was plenty to talk about, from her bubblegum hair and make up and overt sexual expression (neither of which is particularly unheard of for pop stars in America or England) and her notable contribution to the underrated tradition…

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