Review: OVO Pleasure Ring (B7)

Upon visiting my favorite adult store last week to get some new toys for visiting my husband, the employee helping me suggested that I try a vibrating ring with my guy. Being totally down for trying new things, I let him lead me to the area of the store lines with rows of circular-shaped silicone.

I have heard of cock rings, but was not really familiar with them from a personal standpoint. From my understanding, cock rings are meant for keeping blood sort of “trapped” in the penis, which results in a harder erection. They are placed around the base of the penis, and are often used with guys who have a more difficult time remaining erect or simply for guys who want a stronger erection. Many are made with silicone, some have mini vibrators inside so that they vibrate (for him or for both people), and for the more advanced, some are leather or even metal.

The guy helping me suggested that I try a vibrating ring from OVO, since it should be stimulating for both people and it is, according to him, a good brand. He pointed me to the B8, which was very aesthetically pleasing. I had to decline because if the vibration was going to also be for me for clitoral stimulation, I don’t like using metal due to a couple of “ornaments” that end up sounding like buzzing bees or jingling keys if I use metal toys. So, he directed me to the B7; also very appealing to the eyes. I knew my guy really didn’t need this ring, but I thought it could be fun. Plus it was only $20, which I didn’t think was too horrible. I shrugged with the “why not?” shrug, tucked the matte red B7 in one hand, and headed to the register.

And then… I found out “why not”.

Luckily my Hubs is very open as well to trying *most* things. I took the ring out of it’s packaging and we began to “inspect” it. The ring looks very sleek and elegant, and the vibrating portion has a decent amount of power. The silicone is smooth and seamless, that was a plus.



Nice size. The small metal button on the top is to turn the vibration on and off. There is only one vibration speed and setting… Which would bother me in any other toy but for the purpose of the ring, it didn’t bother me too much. Guys are relatively simple with that sort of stuff.

So then there’s the actual ring, which goes around the base of the penis. As you can see, the hole is not very large.


I also have itty bitty hands and fingers, so the hole is pretty small. The silicone does stretch to accommodate a penis, but how comfortably it will fit depends on your guy’s size.


Remember what I said about the comfort of the ring depending on the guy’s size? Yeah… According to him (and my own visual assessment), it was too tight, and not tight in a pleasurable way. He was uncomfortable. He could feel the vibration, but it didn’t really affect him one way or another.

So for the vibration to work on me, he would have to place the ring so that the vibrating end is on the front side of the penis, with the metal button facing him. The ring is only stimulating to the female if he inserts his penis into your vagina, leaves it there, and you place the vibrating portion onto your clitoris accordingly.

Who has time for that? We didn’t. Didn’t even get that far before he took it off and nearly flung it across the room.

I’m not gonna knock it for everyone, but I can say that for us, it was a no-go. All it did for me was look pretty nice, and all it did for Hubs was make him upset. Ha. It DOES work for the tightness at the base of the penis if that’s what the guy needs/wants, but I think size seriously does matter in this sense, and your guy may end up quite uncomfortable and feel suffocated in the ring.

Bottom line: never be afraid to explore and try new things… But not everybody is made or fit for cock rings. (That rhymed… Ha.) Some things should just be left to other folks.

I couldn’t imagine the metal cock rings that don’t stretch. OMG… Somebody take the wheel.

– K. P.


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