Shop Highlight: To Be His Locking Collars

Ok check this out.

I am only obsessed with a few things.

Silver jewelry.
Natural and organic things.
Sex with my husband.
Cooking shows.
My husband in his uniform.
Videos featuring cute animals.
Crab legs.

But we are only gonna focus on the first and fourth things on this list. Recently, Hubs and I decided to look into the BDSM world, only after discussing the desire to explore it after being together for almost four years. I did my research, and clearly there’s some stuff that we simply won’t even get into (animal play, humiliation, things of that sort)… But some stuff was a definite turn-on about the culture.

BDSM is separated into three segments:

B/D: Bondage and discipline
D/s: Dominance and submission
S/M: Sadism and masochism

S/M is the only one that I’m not really feeling… It’s a bit much for my liking. I’m also not really into humiliation and intense pain. B/D can be fun, but only on occasion for me. It sometimes requires a bit of preparation, equipment, and effort, and I’m a tad but lazy. But D/s, in my opinion, can be very fulfilling and fun when done with respect and love.

I came across To Be His on Etsy recently, and this shop made me love the D/s culture a bit more. To Be His is a company run by a husband and wife (who happen to also be in a Dominant/submissive relationship! And married!) team. They work together to create beautiful locking collars with various chain designs and just the right touch of femininity. Victoria, the lady of the company, thought it would be wonderful for submissives to have lavish collars to wear, rather than the typical run-of-the-mill leather collars with a circular ring on the front. Victoria states that

good girls deserve to have at least one opulent collar to remind them of how good behavior is rewarded.

I like this. A LOT.

So she began, with the help of her husband Paul, to create sterling silver and stainless steel collars with round or heart-shaped nickel-plated padlocks. Oh, and the padlocks on their jewelry actually work. Not a padlock charm, a real, functional padlock with a key that opens the lock. I’ve seen time and time again these locks that aren’t really locks, and it just pissed me off. Useless. But Victoria and Paul made sure that their locks WORK and look great too.

Now one thing I’ve noticed: when researching locking jewelry before now, I have NEVER found a padlock that actually locks AND was solid sterling silver. It seems that Paul and Victoria shared the same frustration, but they took theirs a step further and decided to CREATE their own solid sterling silver padlocks! Paul states that each padlock takes roughly 10 hours to make, but when finished, it is shiny, solid sterling, and fully functional.

Oh. Shit. JACKPOT. I need this in my life. The price on the sterling locks is higher due to how much work and time goes into creating them, but is SO worth it because you seriously won’t find them anywhere else. I’ve tried. It ain’t happening.

So the way it works is, you (or have your partner) unlock the padlock. Put it around your neck. One of you locks the padlock. In public, people will probably be all “Oh snap, your necklace is so pretty, where did you get it?”


But behind closed doors, only you and your partner can take it up a notch and give it a totally different meaning. These necklaces are perfect even for the “Vanilla” folks who aren’t down with BDSM. Just look at how pretty they are!




To Be His offers many different price ranges to fit any budget as well! Metal, silver, steel, nickel-plated locks, sterling silver locks, pearls, Ethiopian opal, Swarovski crystals… Victoria is right, subs (submissive ladies) SHOULD have a pretty, feminine collar to wear!

For me, it’s a dominance and submissive thing, which is pretty sexy. But it’s also a sort of “eternal love” type of thing, which is great for couples. I love the love Paul has for his company and for his wife that I witnessed via conversation, and Victoria is actually on her journey to mommyhood as we speak! She is approaching her due date soon, and I really love the family aspect that this company has.

Check out To Be His and buy handmade! Also enjoy 5% off your purchase using code kia5off!

Get into it! Dip your toes into the culture; it can really be a fun and rewarding ride 😉

– K. P.


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