Review: Good Clean Love

Folks who know me know that I am a huge natural and organic fanatic, with EVERYTHING. Food, lotions, hair care, sex accessories… everything. I’m very sensitive and fought below the belt with rotating bouts of BV, yeast infections, UTIs, and irritation for YEARS until I decided to take more initiative and only use pH and vagina-friendly products for everything that comes in contact with my lady parts. Although I end up spending more time and money, I now spend less time with infections and less money on medications.

One of the first lube brands I found that was natural and vagina-friendly was by Good Clean Love.
The brand takes pride in having 95% natural ingredients in their products, and their lubes are fertility friendly as well for those who are trying to conceive. Good Clean Love promotes sexual wellness as well as deepening intimacy with your partner on every level, which is better than just being a company focused on selling products just to help you get off.

Their Almost Naked lubricant is amazing; it is made with a base of aloe vera, and it is vegan, no parabens, no petroleum, just pure natural goodness. The consistency is sort of like a hair gel, but isn’t as heavy. The scent is like a light vanilla, which I initially thought would irritate me, but it didn’t at all! I also tried the Cinnamon Vanilla… same consistency, but smells a little more spicy than the original. The first time I used it, it created a bit of a warm tingle because of the cinnamon, but to me it burned and I had to wash it off. I used it again on a later date, and the warming sensation was more pleasant and tolerable. Neither of the lubes dry out easily, and I wasn’t irritated by either, nor did I have any type of reaction or infection resulting from using either one. To me, that is a success!

I’ve been buying GCL’s lube for years, and I recently began browsing their non-lube products. They have a lot of other products that were produced to heighten and deepen intimacy beyond a merely sexual level. I had the privilege of trying out Good Clean Love’s Body Candy and Love Oil, and I can say that this brand is just legit all the way around.


I got to try the Indian Spice Love Oil first.


The mini rollerball packaging (for the sampler size) was cute and convenient, and the ingredient label was short, which I think is great (and I could pronounce everything on it!). When I opened it and applied it, I got the strong aroma of cinnamon and other spices. It was light, but still had enough OOMPH to be able to smell it when you get close. When I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent, it reminded me of fuchsia, royal purple, and gold tapestry in a foreign Middle Eastern land. Sort of reminded me of when I make my spiced apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar… Just minus the apple scent and not as sweet. Smell doesn’t last too long, but it is very pleasant and does make you feel pretty and exotic.

Next, I tried the Cocoa Mint Body Candy ($13.99).


I am a sucker for EVERYTHING chocolate, so I was really excited to try this one. This Body Candy is crafted with organic Egyptian cocoa, natural butters, agave nectar for sweetness, and organic oils. It is meant to provide some sweetness to your kissable areas, and is edible. It came in a round tin, very pretty. Opened the tin, and the body candy looks like body butter, which was refreshing. The texture is smooth, and it sort of melts on contact. It smells sort of like a York peppermint patty, and the mint aroma is definitely stronger than the cocoa aroma. The taste test didn’t go so well for me or Hubs. When I tasted it, all I got was mint, no cocoa and no sweetness. I did, however, love how smooth and non-oily the body candy was. I put some of it on my boob to let Hubs taste it (because he probably wouldn’t have licked my hand if I asked), and he looked puzzled and said “I don’t taste chocolate… Just mint.” So although we both SMELLED chocolate, we didn’t taste it or taste sweetness really. I have been using the body candy on my lips though; it creates a nice sheen and tingle, and my lips smell amazing with it on. I think it would also work nicely as a body butter on the hands, elbows, or knees since it moisturizes really well.

Although the Body Candy didn’t taste how we expected, I still love both products. The Love Oil in Indian Spice transports me to another place, smells spicy and erotic, and it’s different from my usual scent. The Body Candy is a nice little treat, smells great, and feels even better. I would recommend ANYTHING from Good Clean Love, especially for the vegans and other natural gals like myself.

If you want to join their community, they have a program called Love Agents. As a Love Agent, you are given missions to write, video, or photograph about from different areas of your relationship. Some missions are focused on sex, some are communication, some are how to make your partner happy that day. I’ve been doing the program for some weeks now, and I think it’s a great way to open up and also learn how to be a better partner. AND, for every few missions you complete, you receive a $10 coupon to use in the Good Clean Love Online shop! You can use it right there, or you can rack them up and buy something big! Learn how to be a Love Agent here!

Check them out y’all! Get to loving organically!

– K. P.


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