Wild Out Wednesday: Weirdest Locations (Mara Rae + K. P. Collab)

I want to know where the weirdest place yall had sex. One, Two, Three GO

The front stairs of the house.

This is not weird, but in the car and got caught by the police 😂.

Student center in a study room in college.

Laundry room of one of the dorms in college.

In the car on a back road, in the HOT Texas heat.

What y’all got?

– Mara Rae + K. P.



  1. Courtney Coppage · September 25, 2014

    In a truck, parked at a park.
    On a balcony.
    In a back yard.
    In the car on the highway.
    On a park bench.

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    • goodblackloving · September 25, 2014

      The balcony! Yes !! A park bench lol. Was it daytime?


      • Courtney Coppage · September 25, 2014

        It was definitely night time lol


    • goodblackloving · September 25, 2014

      Well damn! You don’t play around lol!


  2. Brittany Mattox · September 25, 2014

    At work in the office 🙈
    Library Archives in college 😂
    #dontjudgeme lol

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  3. Anon · September 25, 2014

    On the dunes of a beach in Florida while away on business. Nighttime under a full moon. Had the biggest penis I’ve ever seen. Lysol can size.

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  4. glammari · September 30, 2014

    In a front yard in the car
    In a back yard behind a tree
    In a club
    In a car in front of a house, apartment, side street
    In an exercise room of a apartment complex
    By the pool at a clubhouse


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