For the Fellas: “Whiskey Dick”, E.D., and Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Since I was sick this week, I had my first taste of whiskey (Jack Daniels, to be exact) in a Hot Toddy due to whiskey’s immune-boosting capacity. The mixture consisted of honey, lemon juice, water, and Jack.

IT. WAS. AWESOME. I’m seriously gonna drink more tonight just because I can.

But then I started thinking of how I heard about “Whiskey Dick” before, which apparently is when a guy can’t perform sexually because he’s too drunk. And when I say can’t perform, I’m saying he can’t get it up. This is due to the sedative effect alcohol has on the central nervous system, and makes the body (and penis) numb to external stimuli (i.e., a naked chick, boobs, the like).  Why is whiskey deemed the culprit of this, I have no idea. But of course ANY alcohol in excess has this effect, so downing a few shots of Jack won’t mess you up too bad; in fact, small amounts of alcohol are said to IMPROVE a man’s erection. Improve, like making the erections harder and larger. Fascinating.

Also, moderate alcohol drinkers are 20-30% less likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who don’t drink. Gives you guys a little excuse to throw one back every now and then, huh?

Whiskey in particular has a few pretty good health benefits including increased heart health, reducing the chance of diabetes by as much as 30-40%, and reducing chances of dementia, and reducing blood clots. Other hard liquors I’m sure have their own beneficial properties as well, so check out your favorite liquor to see what it can do for you.

But PLEASE do not forget… DRINKING IN MODERATION IS THE KEY. Don’t go get drunk off your ass and then say “My heart will be healthier and my dick will be a fucking monster.” That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Enjoy a drink every now and then, enjoy the health and sex benefits. Take a shot of Jack, or try that Hot Toddy next time you catch a cold. Good stuff, man.

– K. P.


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