Balance. Life is All About Balance.

Today has been a day full of what I will call… BALANCE. One shitty thing would happen and then something great happened to counter it.
-I had to pay for another night at the hotel just so we could have a few more hours until my flight home, but we ended up napping and watching football until we had to go to the airport.
-My first flight home was delayed by an hour, which means I would have missed my connecting flight home and it was the last flight into my city for tonight. They rescheduled my flight, free, and I get another night and morning with my husband.
-I couldn’t finish the first time we had sex, but the second time was beyond amazing and I couldn’t hear out of my right ear afterward.
-Paying for the hotel room actually worked out, because I didn’t check out of the room before finding out about my flight.
-I had an ass of food that I thought I would have to throw away and waste, but I absentmindedly left it in the fridge in the hotel… And I now have food for tonight and tomorrow.


Only crappy thing about today so far is that my team (Falcons) lost, and my fantasy team may bite the dust too. Ugh. BUT my backup team (Packers) won.

See? Balance.

Point is, you won’t stay down for long. Life always balances itself out. In every crap situation, there is at least one good aspect of it. Try to find that one good thing when you’re going through bull. There’s ALWAYS a positive.

On that note… FALCONS ARE GONNA TAKE IT THIS YEAR. I’ll represent anyway!

-K. P. IMG_2490.JPG


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