Don’t expect him to know

This is what I’ve been saying to y’all!


BDSM–All the Stuff You Didn’t Know From Someone Who Does it Safely

Here you go. Cosign.

Revolution from My Bed

CAUTION: Sexually explicit content.

When I wrote my blog entry about my experience with Mr. Fetish, the exhibitionist, I began to make a lot of assumptions about kink based on one thing this guy said to me that I haven’t shared until now: ” I get turned on making you do things you wouldn’t normally do”. It was that phrase that ended my desire to go further in to my sexual relationship with this guy.

After I made my blog post about my encounter with fetishism, I received an extremely candid message from a childhood friend who disclosed her kinky sexual preferences. I was extremely curious, and very impressed by some of the things she said.

Truthfully, I didn’t consider that being a submissive could be a source of personal empowerment. In the instances in my life when I’ve taken on that role, I would feel initially empowered, but I…

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Up For Air – Check-In 10.28.14

Hey y’all!

So as you know, Hubs is back home now. I’m so excited I could cry.

I’m up for air (temporarily). We are about to start our day but I have some in-between time.

I’m sore. I’ll leave it at that.

We haven’t even had a chance to explore my toy chest just YET, but he did give me my collar from To Be His. It has been so hot.


You can sorta see it on that pic from our wedding shower (which I may show some pics of later). The stainless steel chain is strong… I’m surprised.

In addition to being pretty, the collar serves it’s Dom/sub purpose very well. Hubs has yanked it 3 times since I got it… And each time it was a turn-on. It provides something nice for him to hold on to from the back, and it feels amazing. The cool steel pressed hard against my neck while his warm body is pressed hard against my back… It’s a sexy thing. Especially when he tells me to do something during sex, I say no, and he grabs the back of the collar. Ooooh my.

I will be ending my erotic painting giveaway tonight, and I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to paint again! If you haven’t checked out the giveaway yet, do it!

We found out where we will be stationed yesterday, so the next few months will be sort of insane… However, Hubs is on leave for almost a month, so I’m SURE I will have a lot of exploring, reviewing, and sexy things to report over the next few weeks.

We are going on our “mini moon” this weekend, so I may be MIA for a few days minus reblogs, but I will still make sure I keep you posted on the goodies we try out. I have a suitcase dedicated to our trip. Lingerie, The Fantasy Box, blindfolds, my copper cuffs, my sub erotica book… It’s gonna be EPIC.

Catch y’all soon!

-K. P.

The Hymen’s Role

Fascinating. Read it!

The Real Sex Talk

I find it interesting that honor to family and religion is symbolized by a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. This membrane, which is often referred to as the “cherry,” is called the hymen. While the hymen typically has a crescent shape, some women have microperforate hymens (membrane almost completely covers vagina) or septate hymens (band of tissue stretches across vagina, leaving two openings on each side) (Center for Young Women’s Health). In rare cases, women may have imperforate hymens, where the membrane completely covers the vagina. This is, in fact, the common misconception of what the hymen is. In this case, a woman would need a hymenectomy to allow blood and vaginal discharge to pass through (Conger).

Courtesy of the Center for Young Women's Health Courtesy of the Center for Young Women’s Health

Purity balls, the white dress, and the promise to God all come down to this thin membrane. When…

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Nudity, sexuality or both?

The Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society

There are many popular misconceptions about nudity and sexuality, and these misconceptions often scare people away from activities and places they’d actually enjoy. Perhaps it’s time to outline where our group fits into this complex spectrum.

Sexy, Naked or Both?

If you’re new to this, the first key point to understand is that nudity and sexuality are not the same thing. They’re not completely unrelated concepts, but one does not necessarily imply the other.

If you doubt this, you can find proof by visiting any traditional naturist park. Nobody’s wearing anything, and there’s no more sexuality on display than at a church picnic. Indeed, you’re far more likely to encounter sexual behaviour at a classy restaurant or at your office Christmas party than at a traditional family-friendly nude venue like Sunward or Bare Oaks.

Fears of being hit on, of becoming aroused (and therefore embarrassed), and of being cornered…

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My husband came home for the first time since March today.

Meaning… I’ll be writing when I come up for air. We will be trying out our Fantasy Box, our Love Dare marriage devotional book, and anything else we want. Just enjoying each other.

I’ll write soon. Love y’all!

-K. P.

sex porn and intimacy

Great post. I’m also old school with my romance!


I am not a modern girl romantically speaking. I value handwritten love notes, kissing, going for walks, hand holding, and chivalry. Seriously I will melt over having my car door opened for me and I love when a man walks on the side that is closest to the road, I won’t even mention the time a very handsome gentleman brought me roses to my work on his motorcycle. Mostly I value the old school type of commitment where you work through issues instead of just walking away and there was a more strict set of morals and values that people were expected to uphold. I do not embrace our society’s views on marriage (although I have made my own mistakes in the past) and relationships and I also don’t agree with modern views on commitment, lust, and moral values in general. I have a few failed relationships under my belt…

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Erotic Painting Giveaway Competition!

I decided to run a giveaway for you guys! I was gonna do one at 50 followers, but we have now surpassed 50! Yes! So I wanted to do something that I would enjoy, and you would too.

I’m an artist, and although I purchase all of my black art for my home from my favorite artist, Christie Grant, I paint my own for the exxxtra raunchy and have made black nude artwork my main forte. I love depicting black figures in sexual embraces, loving couples sharing intimacy, and darker shaded women being seen as sexy, not sex objects.


Over this past summer, I went through the damn WORKS. I was traveling a lot, broke up with my guy, got back together with him, got married… It was a mess. In turn, I didn’t paint for months. I had no drive or urge to get back to my work, especially not my erotic work. It was a sad time.


But, I have recently been able to pick myself up and get back on my work. Black erotic art is a way for me to express my deeper feelings and put what I’m feeling on paper or canvas.


I loooove bedroom art. I wanted to do this competition to celebrate me getting back into the swing of things, and giving me the task of completing a custom piece helps you get what you want, and gets my juices flowing (ha… pun).


Sooo… hop on it! Keep scrolling down, and the link to the competition is at the bottom of the page. Take a gander at some of the erotic pieces as you scroll. Good luck, and have fun!




Custom Erotic Artwork

Taboo Tuesdays – Masturbation Mortification

Hahaha. Just a bit of entertainment.

Manic Monkey & Friends

Author: Erica
It’s weird what bodily functions are polite to talk about because every human being eats and goes to the bathroom and has sex, but of those three, only eating is acceptable to talk about in polite society. And if you talk about the other two while someone is eating, they’ll reprimand you. They’ll be like, “hey, we’re eating here.” That never works the other way around. No one’s ever like, “For our specials tonight, we have tortellini with marinara sauce,” and you’re like, “Do you mind? I am trying to masturbate.”

I heard this bit on “The Mulaney” show the other night (love John Mulaney, but I’m sad to say that it’s a pretty terrible show. Just sayin’) and it made me think of a story that Asher wrote to me in a letter back in July that we still laugh about frequently. It has to do with…

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