We All Attract Certain “Types”.

Many women often notice a “type” of guy that they are attracted to.

The thug.

The professional.

The nerd.


And on the flip side, some women may notice that a particular “type” is often attracted to them, or that they attract a certain type of partner.

When I met my husband, he was NOT my typical type. He had dreadlocks, he’s dark skinned, he’s not super tall. But, he had (and still has) the best smile I have ever seen, complete with shallow dimples and pearly white teeth, a toned body, and his chocolate skin was flawless. Hot damn, at that point, I forgot I ever even had a type… because going for types is pointless.

Now, I have noticed that I, even being married now, attract a certain type of guy, and it pisses me off. Almost every single guy that approaches me is one of two things, or a combination of both.

1. He is merely interested in sex and thinks I’m a naive bitch.

2. He is married or in a relationship.

I hold marriage HIGH in my life, and I would never even consider cheating on my husband or breaking our vows. Hell, even when we were just dating for the last almost four years, I NEVER cheated on him. So flip that back onto the guys who approach me: how could you even think to approach me sexually? Apparently I do look young (whenever I go out, people assume I’m anywhere from 14 to 18 years old), but most people know that I am a very sexually open person. I have no issue discussing or answering questions about sex.

From my understanding, that is not an invitation for your ass.

Some girls may be flattered, but I find it offensive. I’m a faithful person and always have been, so you coming up to me telling me how fat my ass is or how sexy I am isn’t gonna make my panties hit the floor. Only one man on earth has those capabilities with me.

Think about how a girlfriend or wife would feel if she knew some of the conversations her man was having with other women. Men should think about this as well. How would your lady react? How would we feel as women if our man was hitting up another woman and saying what he would like to do to/with her, regardless of your involvement in the act? Respect, honor, and fidelity are hard to come by these days.

It’s bullshit.


-K. P.


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