Pay Up! Fun Competition With Your Mate

I’m a very serious person, but I’m all about having fun with my husband. You gotta have some fun in your relationship, gotta keep it lively, gotta keep it fun. One thing that tends to work nicely with us is friendly/loving competition.

Hubs and I can turn ANYTHING into a bet. I don’t bet with nearly anyone but him and my mommy (who you will hear me refer to as Momma B.), but our competitions are always fun and intense. Hubs and I always set reasonable wagers that almost always benefit both parties, and the wagers are what makes it fun! We are both highly competitive, complete with trash talk, and it’s always a good time. Here’s a little insight into adding some nice competition into your relationship

Figure out what you both like. Football (that’s our thing), cooking, video games, playing cards, playing tennis, sex, anything. Then get creative and try to figure out how to make a game out of it. If it’s football, bet on your favorite team. If it’s cooking, see who can make the best dinner out of random ingredients, sort of like on Chopped (if you’ve never seen Chopped, watch it here). If it’s sex… you may wanna save that and include it as part of your wager.

Name your price. Each one of you set a cap on your price so that the amount/level remains close to equal. For example, if you state “If I win, I want that $100 pair of boots I’ve been eyeing”, he can’t turn around and say “If I win, I want a PS4.” That’s totally not equivalent.

Don’t stop at one thing! We usually make our wagers into two-part pay-ups; one costs money, the other is free. So we usually include something sexual (a week of whatever I want, two weeks of nudes, a striptease, whatever we feel like coming up with) in addition to our pricy pay-up.

Set your price BEFORE the bet starts. You can’t switch up once the game starts or once you realize you’ve burned your food.

Be loyal. Don’t punk out if you lose and decide you don’t want to pay up! It adds to honesty in your relationship, and your partner won’t wanna play with you anymore if you don’t play fair!

Enjoy the sex wager. Even if you have to give him head every day for a week or if you have to take nudes for him, make it fun. You’re pleasing your lover, and you’re in control even though he won. You can make it as good, hot, and sexy as you want!

– We also do Gift Challenges on occasion. We go to a store or the mall, set a price limit (the lower the better; it forces you to be creative), and see who can find the best gift for the other person based off that partner’s likes. We split up and come back together in about 30-60 minutes and see what we got! I remember once we set our price for $15 or $20, and he got me a Build-a-Bear on our challenges that said “I LOVE YOU, KIA!” in his voice. Best ever. I clung to that bear for dear life while he was away as basic training.

I lost today’s bet because the Falcons lost. So I owe Hubs a pair of clippers.

That was only one half of my pay-out. We aren’t going to discuss my other half.

All I know is, I was looking forward to him buying me a JimmyJane Afterglow massage candle as my victory prize, but… Blah.

All in good fun. Try it sometime!

-K. P.


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