Jewelry + Handcuffs: New Creation

So this will be short, because as you know, it’s GAME DAY, Y’ALL!!!

But I recently went on a quest to find some luxurious handcuffs (sterling silver, freshwater pearls, shiny, solid sterling chain… I told you I love silver and luxury), and of course I found nothing.





Being an artist, I knew I could either collaborate with another artist or create it myself. And not even with sterling silver, but copper (since a lot of people love the properties copper possesses), rose gold filled, 14K gold filled, with the corresponding metal for the chain.

I wanted to have the “cuffs” be bangles, so you can slip them on over the hand and have the chain on the bangle and be removable by a clasp wrapped around each bangle. Then I wanted a chain that’s strong enough, and so that they can be used to restrain and withstand a good amount of force, but also as jewelry.

So when you wear both bangles on the same wrist with the chain, it looks sorta fancy but you also know what they’re used for behind closed doors.

I decided to get on it, and I now have the supplies to create a set of copper bangle cuffs. I am soooo happy! I don’t wear copper so I intend to sell the first pair if I get it down and perfect!

Just wanted to share. Be on the lookout! If you want the inaugural pair, speak up!

-K. P.


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