Pro-Sex Parenting

My thoughts exactly. I want to be able to have honest and open communication about sex with my children.

*Reader warning: personal opinion to follow. might be upsetting to some readers. discretion advised*


Something I’m always talking to my husband about is my fear of finding “crunchy” laundry if we ever have another child, it turns out to be a boy & inevitably reaches puberty & self-discovery. Then that got me to thinking of a few things I’ve seen around the internet lately. I have several online friends who all have children around 4-6 years old & whose children are starting to find their “private parts”. My daughter is only 5 months old, so yes, I’ve never personally gone through this situation so perhaps I don’t know the best way TO handle it.. But I can tell you what I won’t do…

I won’t tell my daughter that her labia will fall of it she touches them too much of that something will happen to her vagina if she…

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