This Tuesday is My Monday. It Sucks.

Today, for me, is a no-win zone.

– I’m overly emotional.

– I want to punch Hubs for no known reason.

– Mom’s car won’t start so I didn’t make it to my pole class.

– I’m paranoid.

– I got five mosquito bites in the last 60 minutes.

– My hair has not cooperated as I have hoped.

– I have a new cyst trying to arise.

– I’m cramping.

– I want to paint but I’m having a mental block.

– My period is three days late.


So I’m pissy, worrisome, angry, and I want cupcakes, my husband, and a Bloody Mary. That’s been my request for the last 5 days. And alas, I have gotten none. Hubs is still away and these 700+ miles are seeming longer every day. Now I’m cramping and that just adds a whole new dollop of shit onto this shitpile.

FML. Yes, I just needed to bitch.

Rant over.


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