The Honor of Wearing a Collar

Just a little tidbit on D/s and being collared. Are any of you ladies (or men) collared?

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

You’ve heard me talk a lot in my blogs about respect and understanding with regards to the D/s lifestyle – Domination and submission. I was looking last night for some new pictures to purchase for a video trailer I’m putting together for my upcoming self-pubbed release, and the second in the On Becoming His Collection, Lessons Learned. I found one of a woman who depicts such amazing emotion in one picture. Truly the black and white depiction of what I think is her complete and utter devotion is simply breathtaking. And yes, I purchased that baby right away. I’ll put it in the Jessie Openmiddle of this blog so you can tell me what you think. I’m also doing some editing and the question about Jessie wearing or not wearing her collar – the very honor given to her by Luke – keeps coming up. You see, Luke will take…

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