Wild-Out Wednesday: My First Time on the Pole

Today I took my first pole class at my local pole studio. The class was called Sultry Pole, and the basis of the class involved fluid motions, a sexy mini routine, and mold to moderate pole work. I have taken lap, floor, belly, and chair dance classes before, but never got on the pole. Minus not having too much upper body strength, I was so excited!

When I arrived, I sat down and other ladies began trickling in after me of all shapes and sizes. It ended up being ten of us, just enough for the 10 poles in the studio area. Once we got inside the studio, the ladies began stripping out of their clothes down to boy shorts, tiny cotton shorts, and pole shorts (which I own a pair of, but are really just boy shorts made of a different material and maybe a tad bigger). I still had on my spandex workout pants and a blue tank, which I wasn’t about to come out of. One other girl also had on spandex pants and a tee, so we stood there, feeling overdressed. The instructor, a slightly plus-sized Caucasian woman rocking a cut-up Rock the Pole tee and pole shorts, asked if this was anyone’s first class, and I sheepishly raised my hand… Only me and the other spandex girl raised our hands.

I’m thinking “Ah hell… We are gonna look foolish.”

So we warm up for about ten minutes with some stretches to some slow, sexy music. It was a great warm-up, had all our hearts going a bit quick and had me working up a sweat. Afterward, she allowed those who brought heels to slap them on, and broke us up into 2 groups of 5. I gladly crept to the back of the room, barefoot, as the pole veterans took their familiar spots on the pole in group 1.

We learned a routine in 3 parts, alternating between groups 1 and 2 for each segment. I took the pole next to the instructor in the front of the studio, and at first I felt so awkward that I wanted to cover my face and run outside to the car. But a Level 2 student told me, “It’s your first pole class. My first class, I wanted to just quit. But now I love it!” So I stuck to it. Another veteran even came over and helped me position my hands correctly on the pole, and the instructor was very patient.

We worked on sexy walks, floor spins, a climb on the pole, transitions, and a split. And a freestyle afterward. Group 1 was full of seasoned dancers, and my eyes got super wide as the instructor told then to improv, and I saw all sorts of acrobatics. One dancer somehow climbed the pole, inverted upside down, and slid down to the floor, landing on her hands. Another completed about three spins on the pole with no problem. I was stunned and felt inferior immediately. The hell was I doing in this class?! My brand new ass. I couldn’t do it.

And y’all.

I did it. Nearly effortlessly.

I underestimate myself way too much. I’m 5’2, a size 4, with a lot of ass and thighs. My arms are pretty strong, although my legs are stronger. I’ve been doing yoga since high school, and I’m a master as hip rolls and cheek isolation, aka “twerking”. I climbed up the pole, held on and, as instructed (if we were flexible enough), to slide down the pole into a split. First attempt, I had it DOWN. Came down into a full split, turned over, and when she asked us to improv after we completed our routine, I didn’t care that I was new. I got a little more comfortable, and just tried some stuff out. I managed to do a spin on the pole down to the floor, and it actually looked pretty hot. I sexily walked around the pole, winding and rolling my hips to the baby-making music playing, pretended like the pole was Hubs, and grabbed it and was grinding down to the floor to the music. I did a couple of transition spins on the pole, and made it look like I had actually practiced. It was so fun, and I was sweating and had my heart beating a bit afterward. GREAT cardio.

Apparently I should have tried this a long time ago. I definitely want to do the levels courses and work my way up. I think I could actually be pretty legit at it, and it’s a great way for me to cater to my everlasting love for everything sexual.

Oh, and Hubs will benefit as well. I’ll have all sorts of tricks for him when he comes home.

I actually have two classes tomorrow (Sexify and Cardio Pole)… Thanks, Groupon!

If you live in an area with a pole studio, check out their drop-in classes. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you can do it! It’s a great way to strengthen and condition your body, and help you feel and BE sexy. Try it out!

– K. P.



  1. kusnib05 · October 9, 2014

    My first class I broke down in tears. I took a level 1 course so there was no routine. All it was were tricks and spins. My hands are so small and I was so nervous (sweaty) that I couldn’t get a grip on the pole AT ALL! I was so frustrated I ended up leaving the class in tears. I worked up the courage to go back the next week and haven’t stopped since. If you check out my blog you’ll see the newest trick I learned, the scorpion. I was so hype last night when I nailed it. Keep it up! ❤ Love.


    • goodblackloving · October 9, 2014

      Ahhh this was so inspiring! I’m so glad you decided to go back! I’m gonna follow you for inspiration as well! I reeeeally wanna do the level courses in addition to the drop-in classes, but with my husband coming back home soon I wanna make sure I have time 😦 military life…

      Liked by 1 person

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