Disowned Sexuality

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The Prudish Freak

I started blogging to be completely honest about myself and accept myself so here goes:

Sexual hang ups are not new issues for me. There are a number of events and occurrences I can point to illustrate why.

Deep down, the ideal for me growing up was to be completely disinterested in and unaffected by sex. I had internalised the idea that sex was something for deviants, the unholy, the wayward. I felt it was something for me to rise above and something I always failed at.

I was raised to be Christian and when I lived with my grand mother in the Caribbean, the influence of religion (Seventh Day Adventist) was much greater. I was taught that sex involved an exchange of power that would leave me a lesser person. I was taught that virginity was sacred and that thinking about sex was a sin. I saw that girls only had to be perceived as…

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