Touch Me Through The Phone

She grew tired of not having him here, of not being able to fulfill her needs in every way. She was sick of having her body tense up, being ready to burst, and him not being here to release her.

All she needed was his touch. Or, second best, his voice sexily whispering to her what she needed to hear.

He would call her, and the sound of his voice was enough to get her river flowing. The depth of his voice resonated within her, vibrating her down to depths of her own. When he told her what he wanted to do to her, she didn’t even have to touch her body herself; his worlds tickled and stimulated her deeper than anything she could do with her hands.

She longed for the day his hands could be hers, and she could be filled with his delight. Until then… Phone sex would have to be enough to curb the incredible desire within her.

– K. P.



  1. LyfesLyrics · October 10, 2014

    Relatable! 🙂


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