Ladies – Your G-Spot is Under Attack

There’s the clitoral, G-spot/vaginal, blended (clitoral AND G-spot), and multiple (many in quick succession of each other)! Good article!

Pleazure Seekers

The G-Spot is back in the news. An Italian researcher is claiming that the G-Spot is a myth and that to the limited extent that some women can have orgasms through penetration it is the same orgasm they have through clitoral stimulation. The advice from the research: forget the G-Spot, focus on the clit.

Not being a scientist, I will do my best to summarize the research finding:

1. The clit is not just the external nub that we’ve grown used to rubbing or vibing to get the ‘traditional’ clitoral orgasm. In reality the clit extends well into the vaginal canal, along the wall of the vagina. So, the argument is that, while the tip of the clit has the most nerve endings and is, therefore, the most sensitive and orgasmic, the rest of the clit – the intern part – can also be stimulated through penetration. His conclusion is…

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