My Copper Bangle Cuffs: K. P. and Her Kinks

The cover photo… Lol. Anywho…

I did it!!!

It’s fairly simple, but I thought of it and decided to execute the idea.

Bracelets + FUNCTIONAL handcuffs.

They are so shiny and pretty. I don’t even wear copper often, but I think they came out gorgeous. They are strong; the bangles don’t bend (they’re a heavier gauge, and they’re handmade by a local artist so the quality is impeccable), and the chain is heavy and SOLID copper. It’s not just random cheap metal, I’m uppity and make sure I get the best quality I can find! Check out the inaugural pair… As well as my tits and fro.




I love them. It was just an experiment but I totally have to do more. To match my collar that’s arriving, I am gonna do a stainless steel pair for myself. Mmm.

-more copper
-stainless steel
-MAYBE one pair of sterling silver
-MAYBE one pair of gold or rose gold filled.
-a collar? Hm?

I’m excited. Luxury kink… My kind of life.

-K. P.


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