Review: SeaGrape Soap

Call me uppity, bougie, prissy, or bitchy… But I ONLY use natural and organic body products. Body lotion, body butter, oils, lip balm, massage candles… EVERYTHING.

That’s how I came across SeaGrape Soap. I was searching for a NATURAL massage candle in my favorite scent, chocolate (vanilla is a close second). I kept browsing and being a bit disappointed until I found this shop. Run by a very sweet lady named Maria, SeaGrape Soap takes pride in having all natural bath and body goodies that make you feel calm, sexy, and overall just goodness.

Maria was kind enough to let me try out a few of her products, and I couldn’t be any more grateful. So, I’m gonna share my findings with y’all! I’m convinced that all the products I try and review are the BEST… and SeaGrape Soap surely is up there in my ranks.

I’m really big on presentation. The products arrived in a cute little eco-friendly box that reminded me of an egg crate. It was adorable and I love the fact that I can reuse it and recycle it. When I opened the box, not only were my nostrils flooded with scents of fresh herbs and natural perfumes, but the labels on her products were amazing. Sleek, simple, black and white and pretty. And I love that the labels aren’t paper labels either; paper labels get wet and peel and it’s just a little gross. These appear to be adhesive plastic, and they don’t fade or peel when wet.

The first item I tried was the Deep Light bath and body oil.

deep light

Pretty photo. I love how she puts the herbs IN the oil!

It is lavender and orange scented, and it even has a lavender spring and orange pieces in the oil! It is made of a blend of eight natural oils (EIGHT, you guys), so you’re sure to get the moisturizing silkiness you’re looking for. When I applied it, it absorbed very well, and the scent was light and pretty, and not sickeningly sweet like fake orange-scented things. The oil made my skin feel VERY soft, totally moisturized, and I wasn’t all oily afterward. The scent didn’t last incredibly long, which was a bummer, but the properties of the oil made up for it. Maria also sent the oil in another scent, which was Sweet Musk.

sweet musk

I wonder if those are clove pieces…

This one had a bit of spicy bite to it, as it was scented with lavender, patchouli, and clove. The clove was very strong, but it was a sort of earthy, sexy scent. THAT scent did linger for a while after application, but not in a bad way. It reminded me of a bowl of sweet potpourri, mixed with spice. I liked them both a lot, surprisingly, since I’m partial to sweet scents.

Next we have the massage candles, the ones I have been waiting for! First was the vanilla bean massage candle.



Maria makes her candles with soy wax (safe for the skin), shea butter, coconut and avocado oil, and a blend of flavor oils… so in addition to possibly smelling amazing, I found out that it was kissable/lickable! When I opened up the candle, I was floored by the scent. It was a beautiful, buttery vanilla aroma, not like your typical vanilla. I did what I usually did with massage candles… I scraped a little bit off and applied it to my skin as a body butter. It wasn’t greasy and, like the oils, absorbed quickly and nicely into my skin. It smelled really good and the smell lasted for a little while afterward! I do the sleep test with most of my lotions/perfumes/oils… if I apply them before bed and can still smell it the next morning, it’s pretty strong, but with natural products the scents don’t usually last. This one didn’t last FULLY into the next morning, but it did last a good while on the skin. Then I tried the chocolate massage candle


I wanted to eat it. Legit.

OH MY GOODNESS. It smelled like an intoxicating mixture of chocolate cake, milk, and sex. Yeah, that good. After being on my skin for a while, the scent faded into what, to me, smelled like the familiar scent of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (I know y’all know Palmers). Not a bad thing, because I at least know that Maria’s products are natural and I don’t necessarily trust Palmer’s.

Next up, there’s the Milo sensual perfume.


Strong citrus. I loooove citrus now more than I thought!

It came in a pretty glass rollerball bottle, and I could see some awesome ginseng root floating in the bottle. This perfume was made with grapeseed oil, lemon, vertiver, lemongrass, and grapefruit – NO ALCOHOL. All natural, as promised. The perfume was very bright and vibrant. I felt like I was surrounded by citrus fruits… lemongrass can be very overpowering, but it mingled nicely with the other fruits. It created a lemony, herbal scent on my skin that made me feel peaceful and at ease. But unlike a lot of natural stuff, this perfume lasted for a VERY long time. This one was definitely a win.

And last but totally not least, the Lemon Edible Honey Dust.

lemon dust

Look at the cute feather!

This dust is made from cornstarch, honey powder, vanilla powder, and a secret essential oil blend. It’s made to be applied to your partner’s body (or yours) and be licked off. My partner isn’t here at the time – such is the life of a military spouse – so I couldn’t fully test this one out. But I did taste a little bit of the dust, and it was a sweet, unique flavor. It was powdery sweet, and I could taste the vanilla. And it came with an adorable little feather duster to apply the dust! We are gonna have fun with this…!

Overall, I am incredibly pleased that I found this shop. Maria also has a bunch of other scents for her perfumes and oils, but I’m sure you will have the same perfect quality no matter which product you get. She even has a whole shop section for sexy things, which includes different oils, honey dust in different flavors, and a spanking kit with a handmade leather flogger and spanking powder! SeaGrape Soap is a wonderful little shop for not only your natural body care needs, but a natural way to spice up the bedroom too. What’s better than natural additions to your sex life?

Not much.

Check out her shop! Shop small business, shop natural, make love naturally! I’m sure you’ll adore SeaGrape as much as I do 🙂

-K. P.


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