Recent Happenings: 10.17.14

I’ve been missing this week… Sorry folks.

I had to get my retainer replaced, therefore my teeth have been hurting pretty badly. My hamstring is still pretty screwed and sore. I’m preparing for my husband’ arrival home (we are in the single digit countdown of him coming home, that’s all I can say). I also worked yesterday, had 13 patients, and wanted to run from my office screaming.

BUT. On a happy note. Starting in January, we will be working with SheVibe Pleasure Boutique as product reviewers for different products. YES! We have been reviewing stuff on our own for a while anyway, but it’s pretty exciting to be able to work with a company and do it!

Next up for review, I’m doing The Honey Pot feminine wash. That one will be interesting! And after that, I have a couple more to do for y’all before Hubs comes home. Stay tuned in!

Mara Rae has been missing lately, as her boyfriend has just come home from the military as well. So when Hubs returns, it MAY be a little quiet around here until we get sexed out and situated, but I’ll do my best to keep y’all posted on everything, especially since I have a number of things to try with him (The Fantasy Box, Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss, my To Be His collar, Sex Tarts… Yeah we have a whole toy chest going).

Mara Rae and I have both decided to indulge in a new toy or something sexual every couple of weeks. Nothing major… But enough to have some type of impact. I’m pretty thrilled.

Any of you bought a new toy lately?

Talk soon!

-K. P.


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