Taboo Tuesdays – Masturbation Mortification

Hahaha. Just a bit of entertainment.

Manic Monkey & Friends

Author: Erica
It’s weird what bodily functions are polite to talk about because every human being eats and goes to the bathroom and has sex, but of those three, only eating is acceptable to talk about in polite society. And if you talk about the other two while someone is eating, they’ll reprimand you. They’ll be like, “hey, we’re eating here.” That never works the other way around. No one’s ever like, “For our specials tonight, we have tortellini with marinara sauce,” and you’re like, “Do you mind? I am trying to masturbate.”

I heard this bit on “The Mulaney” show the other night (love John Mulaney, but I’m sad to say that it’s a pretty terrible show. Just sayin’) and it made me think of a story that Asher wrote to me in a letter back in July that we still laugh about frequently. It has to do with…

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