The Hymen’s Role

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The Real Sex Talk

I find it interesting that honor to family and religion is symbolized by a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. This membrane, which is often referred to as the “cherry,” is called the hymen. While the hymen typically has a crescent shape, some women have microperforate hymens (membrane almost completely covers vagina) or septate hymens (band of tissue stretches across vagina, leaving two openings on each side) (Center for Young Women’s Health). In rare cases, women may have imperforate hymens, where the membrane completely covers the vagina. This is, in fact, the common misconception of what the hymen is. In this case, a woman would need a hymenectomy to allow blood and vaginal discharge to pass through (Conger).

Courtesy of the Center for Young Women's Health Courtesy of the Center for Young Women’s Health

Purity balls, the white dress, and the promise to God all come down to this thin membrane. When…

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