Up For Air – Check-In 10.28.14

Hey y’all!

So as you know, Hubs is back home now. I’m so excited I could cry.

I’m up for air (temporarily). We are about to start our day but I have some in-between time.

I’m sore. I’ll leave it at that.

We haven’t even had a chance to explore my toy chest just YET, but he did give me my collar from To Be His. It has been so hot.


You can sorta see it on that pic from our wedding shower (which I may show some pics of later). The stainless steel chain is strong… I’m surprised.

In addition to being pretty, the collar serves it’s Dom/sub purpose very well. Hubs has yanked it 3 times since I got it… And each time it was a turn-on. It provides something nice for him to hold on to from the back, and it feels amazing. The cool steel pressed hard against my neck while his warm body is pressed hard against my back… It’s a sexy thing. Especially when he tells me to do something during sex, I say no, and he grabs the back of the collar. Ooooh my.

I will be ending my erotic painting giveaway tonight, and I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to paint again! If you haven’t checked out the giveaway yet, do it!

We found out where we will be stationed yesterday, so the next few months will be sort of insane… However, Hubs is on leave for almost a month, so I’m SURE I will have a lot of exploring, reviewing, and sexy things to report over the next few weeks.

We are going on our “mini moon” this weekend, so I may be MIA for a few days minus reblogs, but I will still make sure I keep you posted on the goodies we try out. I have a suitcase dedicated to our trip. Lingerie, The Fantasy Box, blindfolds, my copper cuffs, my sub erotica book… It’s gonna be EPIC.

Catch y’all soon!

-K. P.


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