Freaky Fitness Friday: Erotic Yoga Playlist #1

I choreographed a routine to a few songs yesterday for an erotic yoga session in my bedroom, and it was GREAT. Not only is yoga great for strength and flexibility, but doing it slow and to sexual music allows you to really flow and feel yourself. You can fantasize and it helps you get your mind right for that special person when it’s time!

Here are the songs I used for my routine. Yes, I have a thing for Miguel.

Miguel – Pussy Is Mine
This one was perfect for on the floor stretching, leg work, and working on splits

Miguel – Use Me
This one reminds me of mild BDSM for some reason. But I did some wall work for this song, placing both hands on the wall and doing wall push-ups, as well as doing figure 8s with my hips while my hands were on the wall.

August Alsina – Porn Star
Hamstring stretching, hip rolls, squats, and sexy slow leg stretching.

Wale – Passive Aggress-her
For this song, I like to go a little harder on my stretching. Maybe on my knees and stretching my back, working on a backbend, and squats. The lyrics say something about him being a masochist and her being crazy… Makes me feel powerful while working out.

Trey Songz – Mr. Steal Your Girl
This song is maaaad sleazy… Lol. BUT. It makes me feel super sexy, and hip raises, rolls, and winding goes well with this song. Improv on this one!

I have more, but we are gonna start you with this one! See how you like it after a quick workout with these songs!

-K. P.


WTF Wednesday: Late Night Debates

I can’t tell if this story makes our marriage loserish or pretty fucking awesome.

I spent hours cooking last night (I made a great gluten free cake with chia seeds and apples and cinnamon… And some pizza muffins) and we decided to watch a movie before bed tonight. Earlier, he had made me some gluten free pancakes and some beef bacon. He got some MAJOR points for that one. We have been talking about watching Harry Potter for a few days, but we didn’t get around to it.

We legit debated watching porn or watching Harry Potter. Like, PONDERED. Lol. Which one do you think we chose?

Yeah. I think this means that our marriage is pretty damn great.

-K. P.

TMI Tuesdays: One Size Fits All Lingerie Problems

Tonight, on TMI Tuesdays, I’m gonna start with a lingerie post.

Have any of you bought a piece of lingerie that looked GORGEOUS on a model or in the store, with the lace perfect, the bows pretty and silky, and just your size…

..and then you get home and look like this?


Yeah… That’s how I feel. Lol.

I got The Fantasy Box for this month, which has been totally demolished (I’ll review that later, if we ever actually use it) because it was full of lingerie. Of the three lingerie sets, there was this one piece I was puzzled about. This lacy contraption had long sleeves and was full lace, and it was one size fits all.


I’m a barely B cup, and my ass is a barely-fits-in-my-pants. I couldn’t figure out how this was gonna work. My mother in law said it should fit like a nightgown sorta, and it should come to maybe my upper thigh.

I put it on after my shower, and felt dumb as all get out. The sleeves proved to be a little troublesome, I thought I was gonna rip it, my wedding ring got caught a few times, and I didn’t know how far down it was gonna cover. This thing was FULL LACE, almost fully transparent, and I wasn’t sure how sexy I could really be.

Then I realized that I hadn’t dried off. That may complicate things a little, huh?

So after I dried off totally, I understood the concept. It’s one size fits all, which I think is false. My small boobs fit, but it was still a little snug. However, there was just enough give around my ass to cling without being too tight. I just think that if my breasts were ONE cup size bigger, I would probably be suffocating.

Overall, I think the piece is gorgeous on my body (Yes, that’s me in the main pic). It clings to just the right parts, it gives off a sexy, elegant feel, and Hubs likes it a lot. Any time I get “that ass though…” when I’m wearing something is a compliment, I presume.

I began listening to Miguel’s music (specifically Pussy Is Mine, Vixen, The Thrill, etc…) and… It’s time for me to go. Hubs is summoning me.

Moral of this story: if you’re gifted in the breasts or booty, think before purchasing a one size fits all lingerie piece. You may or may not be
disappointed. And listen to Miguel.


– K. P.

Crying Orgasm

Wow. A crying orgasm. I’m unfamiliar from a personal stance… Anybody experience this?



I haven’t found any concrete explanation and I haven’t come across any valid theories to latch onto when it comes to women and crying/sobbing and/or breaking out into hysterical laughter during intense orgasm.  I’m not sure when was the first time I achieved a crying and hysterical laughter orgasm.  All I know is, it’s happening frequently.  Yes, this has only happened with one person.  And I have a lot of questions and not enough answers.

I experienced another crying orgasm earlier this afternoon (as I was receiving oral sex), which arose differently from my last crying-laughing orgasm session whereas I was engaging in intercourse and it all started from a high string in my gut and it expanded in massive energy, filling my entire body up and stopping at my third eye when I started to blurt and sob and laugh uncontrollably.  As you would imagine, this is embarrassing, humiliating…

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Let It Rain

This artwork is beast, too.


Morning Wildness ⛅☀
Awakening to the soft heat my lips, slowly caressing your morning rise.? Uttering incoherent sounds as I make another move, rotating my hips in all directions⬆⬇?..Slowly gliding? loosing up as I’m kissing on your neck & playing with your personals, still Pouncing?? You explode?Then you soon awake!


What a dream?;)?

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Lady Love – Admiration for the Female Form

So I have been slack, and I’m fully aware.

Slap me. Go ahead. I’m ashamed.

But, I just had a random epiphany that I wanted to share with y’all… And which I need to do more often.

I got back into my painting lately, and I got an order for an erotic lesbian piece. I don’t get orders for LGBT pieces often, but I obliged and it’s beautiful.


One thing I love about this is the female form. To be straight, I have a serious love for the female body. Our bodies are so complex, and our curves are enough to leave someone weak in the knees. And I absolutely love painting the curves and the female body. It’s a gorgeous thing.



I mean, Coke bottles are shaped like US, not the other way around. We are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t think there’s an issue admitting that a woman’s body is gorgeous. I just see issue with not RESPECTING that beautiful body… But that’s a post for another night.

Find a lady form to love on tonight… Even if it’s your own. I’m gonna keep painting and drawing nude ladies.

– K. P.

Review: Booty Parlor Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss

I have always cared a lot about my lip care. In fifth grade I remember having one of those Spacemaker boxes full of my mechanical pencils, at least one lip balm, and a couple of glosses. The glosses were usually the cheap beauty supply store ones or the overly sweet and fruit Lip Smackers glosses that us kids loved. Over the years I have evolved of course, but I would say I’m a pretty good judge of good lip care. From supermarket glosses to upscale Sephora ones, I’ve tried a lot. My most recent purchase was an aphrodisiac lip gloss from Booty Parlor, Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss.

I got it because it’s advertised as, well, an aphrodisiac, and it’s plumping. My lips have always been pretty full, but I enjoy accentuating that a bit. The gloss contains many natural ingredients including ginger, damiana (which I actually used to take as a libido enhancer), passionflower (which I also used to take to relax me and keep my anxiety down), chili powder, and ginkgo biloba. It also contains Phenylethylamine, known as the “molecule of love” to boost the aphrodisiac qualities. The price wasn’t too bad either; I got mine for $12 on Amazon.

I got the color Faint, a sheer pinky nude color with a pomegranate vanilla scent. I opened the tube and it smelled pretty nice, not fake or too sweet. When applied, I got a tingly feeling but it didn’t burn. The tingle also didn’t longer for too long, and it wasn’t uncomfortable. My lips looked a bit fuller and puffier, which I go for with a plumping gloss. It didn’t necessarily make ME feel any sexier, and I don’t know if Hubs noticed any newfound sexiness when I wear it. The color looks good with my skin though, and I love how it makes my lips look and feel.


Good product, good price, I say check it out, along with Booty Parlor’s other products!

Ramblings – 11.10.14

Remember that post about women wanting sex as often as men? And about how some women get grumpy after no sex for a while?

Yeah. I’m sitting here like:


It’s been a few days, and Hubs is currently laying on me and being awkward as shit, but no getting down as of now.

To make matters worse, he’s reading me type and laughing. Asshole.

Anyway, just wanted to share my current situation. Hope someone else is getting lucky tonight… Because apparently it’s not my black ass.

– K. P.