Checking In – 11.1.14

(Check us out.)


And I am going home from my honeymoon tomorrow. I feel like I’m leaving paradise, even though it’s been a horrific 53 degree high today on the beach. We have had such a good time, enjoying Hubs in every way and doing all the activities we can! We have done laser tag, an interactive museum, a Ripley’s museum, went outlet mall shopping, got airbrushed apparel, bowled, ate like pigs, and of course, had amazing sex. Married sex is the best.

We tried out The Fantasy box our first night, and I must say that it was a success. MAJOR WIN. I will review it while he’s busy doing something when we get home and I have time.

I sketched out some sexy and erotic work before I left, and I wanna paint them when I come home. Check it out. IMG_3374.JPG



But everything here is good, I’m so happy to have him home, and so happy to be back on my erotic art. I also made him some manly natural body butter which smells pretty awesome. I’m proud.

So, that’s my check in. Of course I will have more later… But I’m gonna go continue to enjoy my best guy.

Catch y’all when I come back up for air.


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