You Have Some Treats In Store…

I’m back from my honeymoon trip y’all!!! With a couple of things to report.

1. Hubs has gotten the hang of his Dom role. Without too much detail… The collar has proven to be a WONDERFUL daily and bedroom addition, it doesn’t choke too hard unless you want it to, and my weave is definitely sewn in well.

2. The Fantasy Box is on POINT. We didn’t even get to everything in the box though… Lol. I will have a review ready for you guys by Wednesday.

3. Working on my Jones and Rose review tonight. That will be ready for you guys tomorrow. Get ready for some sexy NATURAL body care. I smell so sweet and delicious that I sort of want to lick myself. #sorrynotsorry

4. I will also have some sexy tips and tricks coming this week. Hubs being home is the absolute BEST. I fell in love again over this last weekend.

5. I chose 5 erotic art giveaway winners on Wednesday night last week, and I’m so excited to start on all the pieces. I just wanna paint naked people all day, every day.

6. I will be doing one more art giveaway for the holidays.

7. I will also be doing a sex toy giveaway bundle, but I’m not sure how to do it. I have a blindfold mask, a set of kegel balls, lubes, a vibrator, maybe a set of cuffs, and some other goodies. Let me work that out and I’ll run the giveaway at some point.

Alrighty, that’s all I got. I have a mini headache and my neck hurts. I may use my Lelo Smart Wand to work out the kinks in my neck.

And I’ll see if I can get Hubs to work out the rest of my kinks. Sex is a good remedy for headaches, didn’t you know? (That’s actually true… I’m not BSing that one.)

Night y’all!

– K. P.


One comment

  1. Makeshift Mama · November 18, 2014

    That has to be the best idea for a subscription box I’ve ever seen!


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