Review: Jones and Rose Body Care

I’m back from my honeymoon, and I am back to reviewing things! This is one that I’ve been waiting to review.

So I came across Jones and Rose via Cocotique, a monthly subscription box made for African American women. Jones and Rose is a Black-owned natural body-care company that makes whipped Shea butters, body butters, and massage oils in the most delicious scents. The sexy body butters are compared to Vaseline on the site, and the whipped Shea butters are… Whipped Shea butter. Which I adore. It’s mixed with skin-softening oils as well to keep the skin feeling and smelling sexy. They have SO many other concentrations of their lotion, including body milk (regular body lotion formulation in a bottle), body soufflé, and body gloss in addition to the ones I already named. There is something for everyone! Reading the scent descriptions made my mouth water, so I had to get my hands on a couple of them.

Loving everything sweet and dessert-like, I opted for the Creme Brûlée sexy body butter and the Sugar Lemon whipped Shea butter, just to switch up the consistency and to see which one I like more. Hubs was out with the guys late one night and missed our date, so he made it up to me by ordering me the Honey Almond Love sweet oil.

Great husband work right there. He got some major points.

So I got to the check out page and was pleased until I realized that shipping was a flat rate of $10… Hmph. That’s a bit steep. Either way, it didn’t change my excitement about the package.

I was soooo anxious to get my package and was waiting and waiting, and never received my package or shipping info as of a week after ordering. I called and spoke to the owner, and apparently there was an issue with the shipping that even she was unaware of. She apologized and even included an extra body butter in Pink Petals scent and their JR Lotion for my husband. That is great customer service, especially since Black business have, unfortunately, a reputation for being unaccommodating and sometimes just rude. This was a great change.

Unfortunately my package arrived the same day I left for my honeymoon, so I didn’t get it until I got back today. But, after all of that, it’s finally here!

Let me start by saying that I really dig the packaging. I have a thing for glass jars because they seem so much more sanitary and high quality, and Jones and Rose uses glass jars for their body butters and Shea butters. The sweet oil is in a plastic bottle with a silver top, and it looks very elegant and sophisticated. (That may also be why shipping is so high, because they are shipping glass.)

I broke into Hubs’s lotion, the JR Body Lotion, first.


Oh my goodness… It smells PHENOMENAL. Its manly but sort of sweet at the same time. His mom said it smells like Christmas, but also cinnamon and vanilla. Ha. Maybe pine is where she gets the Christmas scent from… But it really does smell amazing. I had him put some on and I wanted to jump his bones immediately. I want my guy to have the best, natural products out there, and this lotion hits it right on the head. I definitely recommend checking it out for your guy. There is also a shower gel that goes with the lotion!

Next I tried out my Sugar Lemon Shea butter.


The consistency was soft, buttery, and smooth. I liked that one a lot! In the jar it smells like lemon cake batter, which I absolutely adore. When applied, I smelled lemon at first, then it faded to a soft, sweet scent. Not overpowering, just enough sweetness that sort of resembles a soft lemon cookie. It’s wonderful.

Next is the Creme Brûlée sexy body butter.


To me, it had sort of the burnt sugar sweet smell of the dessert, but not the sort of custard-like scent. Not bad at all though. The consistency was similar to Vaseline, as advertised on the site, but it was like a cross between Vaseline and body oil. It goes on smoothly, and the scent does last for a good while. I showered maybe four hours ago, and I can still smell it on my right arm. It smells like the burnt sugar on too on a torched Creme Brûlée, and I think I like it.

(By the way, I applied each item to different parts of my body so I could accurately review them for y’all. Sugar Lemon is on my knees, Creme Brûlée is on my right arm, and the Honey Almond Love is on my left arm. I’ll explain why Pink Petals is missing in a minute.)

Next, I tried the Honey Almond Love sweet oil.


The oil is made of sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil (all organic!) that are all awesome for the skin. On contact, the scent reminds me of Jergens original cherry almond scent, and I LOOOOVE IT. Hubs said it smelled like black cherries… Lol. After a few hours, the scent is very soft and subtle, and smells like honey cream and almonds. It’s my favorite of the bunch. I’m gonna buy that scent in the body butter and Shea butter forms. I need.

Last, the Pink Petals.


It smelled wonderful in the jar, and was definitely a lot stronger than the rest of the scents. The smell reminds me of one of the massage candles by Bedroom Kandi, and it was very familiar to me. I applied it to my hand, and it smelled sort of like cotton candy, fruit, and vanilla. It actually smelled… Pink! It’s a beautiful scent, and Hubs said it smells like a mature (not old) woman, like a grown sexy woman smell. However… The scent was a bit too heavy for me. I tried to wash it off my hands TWICE and it was still lingering on my skin. It also made my sinuses hurt a little. But at least it’s a long lasting scent! And it is actually very pretty… Just a little too strong for little ol’ me. I let my best friend smell it, and she said it smells like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar perfume. THAT’S WHAT IT IS! I couldn’t figure it out! But it really does smell like that perfume, if you know what that scent is like. But, I gave it to her to wear. She was considering buying Pink Petals. Win win situation.

Overall, I give Jones and Rose a solid 9.5/10. The scents are long lasting (I could smell the scents on my dirty t-shirt two days later instead of smelling sweat), the scents are beautiful and delicious, and I’m only taking off that half point for the shipping price (BUT you get free shipping over $75). I haven’t tried the fruity smells, but if they are anything like the dessert scents, I know they’re pretty legit too.

Hit up Jones and Rose and start your own natural sweet-scented body care collection! Nothing beats natural products for your body that smell good enough to eat, are good for you, are Black owned, AND are reasonably priced! Get on it!

– K. P.


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  1. Sharron Ezzard · April 15, 2016

    I love the”Guava Melon” souffle smells sooo goodanf resh


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