Lady Love – Admiration for the Female Form

So I have been slack, and I’m fully aware.

Slap me. Go ahead. I’m ashamed.

But, I just had a random epiphany that I wanted to share with y’all… And which I need to do more often.

I got back into my painting lately, and I got an order for an erotic lesbian piece. I don’t get orders for LGBT pieces often, but I obliged and it’s beautiful.


One thing I love about this is the female form. To be straight, I have a serious love for the female body. Our bodies are so complex, and our curves are enough to leave someone weak in the knees. And I absolutely love painting the curves and the female body. It’s a gorgeous thing.



I mean, Coke bottles are shaped like US, not the other way around. We are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t think there’s an issue admitting that a woman’s body is gorgeous. I just see issue with not RESPECTING that beautiful body… But that’s a post for another night.

Find a lady form to love on tonight… Even if it’s your own. I’m gonna keep painting and drawing nude ladies.

– K. P.


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