Crying Orgasm

Wow. A crying orgasm. I’m unfamiliar from a personal stance… Anybody experience this?



I haven’t found any concrete explanation and I haven’t come across any valid theories to latch onto when it comes to women and crying/sobbing and/or breaking out into hysterical laughter during intense orgasm.  I’m not sure when was the first time I achieved a crying and hysterical laughter orgasm.  All I know is, it’s happening frequently.  Yes, this has only happened with one person.  And I have a lot of questions and not enough answers.

I experienced another crying orgasm earlier this afternoon (as I was receiving oral sex), which arose differently from my last crying-laughing orgasm session whereas I was engaging in intercourse and it all started from a high string in my gut and it expanded in massive energy, filling my entire body up and stopping at my third eye when I started to blurt and sob and laugh uncontrollably.  As you would imagine, this is embarrassing, humiliating…

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