TMI Tuesdays: One Size Fits All Lingerie Problems

Tonight, on TMI Tuesdays, I’m gonna start with a lingerie post.

Have any of you bought a piece of lingerie that looked GORGEOUS on a model or in the store, with the lace perfect, the bows pretty and silky, and just your size…

..and then you get home and look like this?


Yeah… That’s how I feel. Lol.

I got The Fantasy Box for this month, which has been totally demolished (I’ll review that later, if we ever actually use it) because it was full of lingerie. Of the three lingerie sets, there was this one piece I was puzzled about. This lacy contraption had long sleeves and was full lace, and it was one size fits all.


I’m a barely B cup, and my ass is a barely-fits-in-my-pants. I couldn’t figure out how this was gonna work. My mother in law said it should fit like a nightgown sorta, and it should come to maybe my upper thigh.

I put it on after my shower, and felt dumb as all get out. The sleeves proved to be a little troublesome, I thought I was gonna rip it, my wedding ring got caught a few times, and I didn’t know how far down it was gonna cover. This thing was FULL LACE, almost fully transparent, and I wasn’t sure how sexy I could really be.

Then I realized that I hadn’t dried off. That may complicate things a little, huh?

So after I dried off totally, I understood the concept. It’s one size fits all, which I think is false. My small boobs fit, but it was still a little snug. However, there was just enough give around my ass to cling without being too tight. I just think that if my breasts were ONE cup size bigger, I would probably be suffocating.

Overall, I think the piece is gorgeous on my body (Yes, that’s me in the main pic). It clings to just the right parts, it gives off a sexy, elegant feel, and Hubs likes it a lot. Any time I get “that ass though…” when I’m wearing something is a compliment, I presume.

I began listening to Miguel’s music (specifically Pussy Is Mine, Vixen, The Thrill, etc…) and… It’s time for me to go. Hubs is summoning me.

Moral of this story: if you’re gifted in the breasts or booty, think before purchasing a one size fits all lingerie piece. You may or may not be
disappointed. And listen to Miguel.


– K. P.



  1. FervidM · November 25, 2014

    Ha! I was listening to Miguel while I read this post! Fucking hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • goodblackloving · November 25, 2014

      Haha! I felt sexy only AFTER listenjnf to Miguel!


      • FervidM · November 25, 2014

        He has that way about him, doesn’t he?! I have a secret obsession with Drake and Frank Ocean too…shhhhhhh….


      • goodblackloving · November 26, 2014

        Lol i loooove drake, no shame!!

        Liked by 1 person

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