Freaky Fitness Friday: Erotic Yoga Playlist #1

I choreographed a routine to a few songs yesterday for an erotic yoga session in my bedroom, and it was GREAT. Not only is yoga great for strength and flexibility, but doing it slow and to sexual music allows you to really flow and feel yourself. You can fantasize and it helps you get your mind right for that special person when it’s time!

Here are the songs I used for my routine. Yes, I have a thing for Miguel.

Miguel – Pussy Is Mine
This one was perfect for on the floor stretching, leg work, and working on splits

Miguel – Use Me
This one reminds me of mild BDSM for some reason. But I did some wall work for this song, placing both hands on the wall and doing wall push-ups, as well as doing figure 8s with my hips while my hands were on the wall.

August Alsina – Porn Star
Hamstring stretching, hip rolls, squats, and sexy slow leg stretching.

Wale – Passive Aggress-her
For this song, I like to go a little harder on my stretching. Maybe on my knees and stretching my back, working on a backbend, and squats. The lyrics say something about him being a masochist and her being crazy… Makes me feel powerful while working out.

Trey Songz – Mr. Steal Your Girl
This song is maaaad sleazy… Lol. BUT. It makes me feel super sexy, and hip raises, rolls, and winding goes well with this song. Improv on this one!

I have more, but we are gonna start you with this one! See how you like it after a quick workout with these songs!

-K. P.


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