Review: The Fantasy Box, October 2015

Helloooooo again! 

My schedule at work has me exhausted lately! It’s INSANE! But one thing I look forward to after working a 12 hour shift is checking my mailbox when I know it’s about time for me to receive one of my boxes. October was the month for me to get one of my boxes from The Fantasy Box, and this is by far one of the best boxes I’ve gotten from them… So I just HAD to fill somebody in on it.

If you didn’t know, The Fantasy Box is an adult subscription box that has three tiers and can be monthly or every other month – LOADS of options. I chose the middle tier, which is $59 every two months, and there are items in each box for each partner, WITH suggestions for each partner on how you should use the box to fulfill the specific fantasy. 

Each box usually comes with a piece of lingerie (you let them know your sizes and your partner’s sizes) and some form of sex toy. Some are sensual, some dance around BDSM, some are role play… It’s always different.

This month, I got a sensual box. Honestly, we didn’t even get as far as checking out the instructions for each of us! As soon as I opened the box, I saw something red and silky. 


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