Review: Unbound Box November 2015

So I have been getting Unbound for a few months now, but I’ve been pretty in love with them since last year. It’s a quarterly adult subscription box that always features items from the higher end brands in the adult world, such as Bijoux Indiscrets, Babeland, Crave, Love is Art, and Good Clean Love. At $65 a quarter, I think it’s completely worth every penny.

November’s box theme was Femme Fatale. Here was the teaser for the month.

Immediately, my attention goes directly to the middle. I notice this beauty from last year when it was about to launch. That’s the Crave Vesper, a vibrator that defies societal norms and doubles as a statement necklace. But I’ll get to that one in a moment.

I received my box, and couldn’t wait to explore everything! Unbound does a really good job at explaining everything that will be in the box prior to shipment, so they don’t send a reference card or sheet in the package. We know what goodies to expect.

The first thing I wanted to check out were the Sex Notes by Unbound. These were really cute, and they arrived in a black suede pouch. They are printed and individually cut, and feature nice little notes that read sexy little things like, “Kiss me hard before you go” and “I can’t stop thinking about you naked.” These are the perfect size for slipping in your partner’s wallet, under their pillow, or in a public place when you’re trying to get out of there.

Biddettes ($7.95) are cleansing wipes to be used before and after sex, which are absolutely perfect. They can also be taken on the go for a quick freshening up or cleaning your toys, and they’re fragranced with geranium and sandalwood for a nice, clean scent. They’ve been gynecologist tested and approved and are made with a hypoallergenic formula, so even the most sensitive ladies should be safe. I think the best uses for these are after fooling around just in case you’re too tired to get up and clean up, or while riding the crimson wave to tidy up. Perfect little wipes to take with you while on the go.

Next we have the Tickle Me Tickler by Bijoux Indiscrets ($10.35). I’m not really into tickling, but this was a really cute tickler. The feathers are very soft, and the tickler itself is nicely assembled. The wand is wrapped with black satin ribbon, no fraying, very light. A nice little addition to the box.

Last but not least is the Crave Vesper ($69 for the steel, up to $149 for the gold plated). I fell in love with this vibrator because I love the idea of being able to classily flaunt my sexuality with jewelry that doubles as a sex toy, and the fact that it is USB rechargeable makes it worlds better. I received the silver (or plain steel), which arrived in a cute white box emblazoned with a silver CRAVE emblem. Inside, a gray velvet pouch housed the Vesper on one side and the charging cable on the other. The Vesper is shiny steel and rests on a sturdy stainless steel chain, typically falling right at the level of the breasts. 

The power button is tiny and near the top, very easy to conceal (if you want to) while wearing it. To turn on you press once, to alternate between the speeds you press once again, and to power off you press and hold the power button. The power of the Vesper is similar to that of a good bullet, reminding me of JimmyJane’s Iconic Bullet. It’s strong enough for those who are used to bullet vibrators, but not too strong to the point of numbing your clitoris to other stimulation. There are three speeds as well as a random (I forgot if it’s an ascending or stop and start vibration), and I think they’re all great. Because it’s metal, it’s meant to heat up during use, which I think is pretty sexy. To charge, you simply twist off the top of the vibe, and connect the vibe to the special charger (the connector is itty bitty) and connect it to your laptop or other USB port. This is one of the best toys I own, and the thing is simply awesome to wear. On Crave’s site, you can also engrave your Vesper. Boss. 

The total estimated retail value of this box was $87.30 excluding the Sex Notes. This exceeds the cost of the box, so I think it’s a great deal. All of the items are useful and sexy, and they’re so great to use whether you’re alone or with a partner. Cop your subscription, man. It’s so worth it. 

-K. P.