Review: Clitoring by Penelopi Jones



I think I have an obsession with vaginas. 

Like legit. I’ve always thought the female body was incredibly fascinating and unique. We have breasts that create food for tiny humans. We have uteri that grow these tiny humans. We have vaginas that both give us pleasure and birth said tiny humans. And, one of the most important things, we have the clitoris, which is our center for pleasure.

Did you know that the clitoris is the ONLY organ on the human body that has the only purpose of providing pleasure? The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings, which is two times more than those located in the head of the penis. The clitoris is about four inches in length, and only about one-fourth is visible to the eye. The larger or smaller the clit is doesn’t make a difference in how much pleasure a woman can get from clitoral stimulation, but a woman with a more prominent clitoris and clitoral hood can easily adorn hers with jewelry and piercings if she desires, such as the vertical clitoral hood, horizontal clitoral hood, or triangle (female genital piercings will be my next post). 

Fifty to seventy-five percent of women who have orgasms HAVE to have their clitoris stimulated to achieve that orgasm. The clit is so important! 

So when I found the Clitoring by Penelopi Jones, I was instantly in love. The ring shows the inner structure of the clitoris, which reminds me of the inside of an orchid or maybe ever wings. 


Internal erect clitoris


Penelopi Jones was able to beautifully capture the essence and complexity of the internal clitoris in a piece of jewelry. The ring comes in silver, but can also be ordered in warm brass or even gold. The ring I purchased is solid silver (because that’s literally all I wear) and was everything I hoped for and more.

Penelopi was able to accommodate my little fingers, which are about a size 5 to 5.25. I waited anxiously for my package in the mail after I placed my order. When I got the little box in my house, I pulled the ring out of the little mesh pouch it was in and adjusted it. The Clitoring is made to be adjustable, which is great, but I personally don’t care too much for adjustable jewelry. I’m weird like that. Nonetheless, I sized my ring down to a size that fit my ring fingers and put it on. 

The ring is very well crafted and is solid in weight. You can FEEL that the ring is nothing but straight silver, which I love. Very shiny, a great conversation piece, and is just all around pretty. 

As you can see, you can rock the ring either way, with the clitorial glans up or down. I preferred clit up. 

While wearing, I noticed that maybe only one other person knew what the ring was of. She immediately asked me where I bought it, being a fellow sex positive feminist. I have been wearing it whenever I’m not at work, and it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

The original adjustable silver ring retails for $122, which was totally worth it for me. The ring is adjustable from sizes 5.5 to 9.5, but at checkout you can choose smaller than 5.5 or larger than 9.5 and she will make it adjustable to a big or small enough size. There is a matching solid silver pendant for a necklace too for $132 that is equally pretty. For the less expensive choice, the warm brass goes for $95, and it gives you the look of gold without it being too bright. The gold ring starts at $475, and if you’re balling, I say go for it. I’m personally not balling like that… but if I was, I would more than likely buy that ring. 

I definitely suggest getting this ring if you are a body loving, vulva loving, sex positive, lady loving person. Or if you want to get a beautiful piece of jewelry to pay homage to the phenomenal clitoris. Check the Clitoring out at and see which one stands out to you! 
AND, use coupon code ChocCherriBomb at checkout for 15% off of silver rings and pendants! 

-K. P. 


Natural Vaginal Health Necessities

Hey y’all! Life definitely has a way of sneaking up and stealing your time… I swore I just made a post like a month ago. Apparently not.

So not much has been going on on my end besides work… and it sucks. I need to get my life back. And that’s exactly what I’ve started to do! Doing things to pamper myself and enjoy my life! For me, if my hormones are off, if my reproductive health isn’t up to par, I’m effed up. It’s not pleasant. So I like to feel pretty all over, including my sacred parts.

To kick off my new revelation, I just thought I would share my arsenal of vulva and vagina health items that help me feel spectacular. And when I tell you these items are fabulous and natural… MAN.


Ladies, your vulva is NOT made to smell like a bed of flowers, so please don’t think that is supposed to be the goal. Your vulva has your specific particular smell, and we all sweat. It’s normal. (If you have a fishy or foul odor and/or green, grey, or yellow discharge, it could also be bacterial vaginosis or BV in the absence of an STD, but make sure you see your doctor for a diagnosis)

Here we go!


The Honey Pot Feminine Wash in Normal, $5-12

First, we have The Honey Pot Feminine Wash (I reviewed the company before here). I had been using the Preggers one for pregnant women for a while, but I recently ran out so I bought the normal wash this time. The Honey Pot is a foamy wash that is made from vegan ingredients such as non-GMO coconut oil soap (or castile soap), organic lavender water, grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. All of these things are bound to get you extra clean, and there’s even a slight tingle when you wash with it. Not painful, just noticeable. You are supposed to get some of the foam in your hands, and gently clean your vulva (outer genitalia) with your hands. This allows you to get familiar with your lady pars and ensures that you get yourself clean. After using the soap, just rinse off with water. I trust the company and their products, and I’ve been using this soap for a couple of years. There are variations of the soap as well, like one for pregnant women, sensitive women, women that need a little more moisture, and even young ladies. The wash comes in 2 and 6 ounces, and you can now subscribe to have it delivered to your door however often you want!


Lhamo Pantyliners, $5-6 a pack

Next up is the Lhamo Sanitary Napkins (formerly MerryLiving). I truly love this brand and their pads! I wear pantyliners daily and I don’t wear tampons, so I wanted a natural alternative to those as well as the reusable pads because they just… aren’t for me. I found Lhamo pantyliners at my local healthful store and fell in love INSTANTLY. The liners are chlorine free and are packed with all natural herbs and essential oils. There is lavender, mint (which gives you a fresh, cool feeling, especially after a shave or wax), aloe vera oil, rose oil, and houttuynia oil (which is an herb known for fighting the herpes virus). All of these babies are packed into organic unbleached cotton. The liners and pads both have the same ingredients. The pads are beneficial during that dreaded time of the month, because they help you feel and smell clean. There are daily use pads, overnight pads, and liners. You can grab a few packs from The Honey Pot’s website, or go to Lhamo’s site, where you can get starter kits or multiple packs. I went to their site and got five packs of liners, one pack of overnights, and four packs of daily use, and they were a total of $55. I’m set for a good while, and the price was great.



Box Naturals, shown in Rose. About $10 for a 12 wipe box

Box Naturals is a fantastic company who makes all natural intimate wipes. The wipes come in rose and lavender scent, and are scented with organic essential oils of each. They are pH balancing so you don’t get thrown off, and they smell fantastic without being too strong. They are perfect for after the gym, freshening up on the go, after sex, or while riding the crimson wave. To make it better, each towelette is individually wrapped and they’re just moist enough to get the job done. They’re probably my favorite wipes on the planet. As with the last two products, you can subscribe on The Honey Pot or you can buy directly from Box Naturals’s website.

While trying to get my hormones together without taking medication, I stumbled upon Moonmaid Botanicals. She makes hormone free and all natural creams and salves to be absorbed through the skin, our largest organ. The wild yam cream caught my attention, as I know that wild yam is great for my polycystic ovarian syndrome. I often have pain which we think may be due to either the enlarged ovary on the right side, or maybe endometriosis. My periods are also unpredictable, far apart, last for 7+ days, and my ovulation is a mess. I started the cream back in February, and I got my period 2/11. Im usually about 6+ weeks between each period, so I wasn’t expecting my next one until this week. I actually started spotting on 3/12 and my period was over on 3/18! I also had no cramping, no leg pain, no back pain, it was awesome! Her Vital V Wild Yam Salve is a wild yam salve that can go in and around the vagina. The mucous membranes easily absorb the salve, and it’s able to act easily on the reproductive organs. If you aren’t down for that, there is a topical wild yam cream for anywhere else on the body, and even one for men. Moonmaid Botanicals has cream for yeast infections (I want to get that so I can have it on hand), but is not to be used by pregnant or nursing mamas. LoversLube Personal Lubricant is like a creamy salve and it has all types of aphrodisiac goodies in it, such as yohimbe, damiana, muira puama, carob, coffee, and vanilla. It feels amazing due to a small addition of menthol and is actually edible due to a touch of stevia!

That’s all I have for now, and these are by far my must-haves for my vulva and repro health. They have me feeling fabulous and combined with my VCH and labia ring (I will be doing a post on my tragic history with my VCH), I feel spiffy and oh so clean. Be sure to check them out and let me know if you have any faves that you want me to add or try out!