Review: Sustain Post Play Wipes

I legit fell off the face of the blogosphere. And I’m not shit for it. My bad. 
BUT I’m back and I have more ish to discuss! I’ve been test driving some items and I think y’all will enjoy my take on them. Maybe.

Today, we are gonna talk about an issue that nobody wants to really address: what to do after sex or playtime. Do you roll over and go to sleep? Do you take a full shower? Do you sit there and try to pee for like ten minutes and then do a quick washup?

It’s actually recommended that you don’t simply roll over and go to sleep, and that you should urinate after sex to clear the urinary tract of bacteria to lower the risk of a UTI. But I know I personally don’t feel like hopping in the shower right after. Regardless… Sustain is a company that proudly offers natural and vagina-friendly supplies for play time. My favorite item of the bunch is the Sustain Post Play Wipes

Now, we used to just get baby wipes or something, but they aren’t made for grown up vaginas doing grown up things. Plus, they still contain lots of chemicals that I don’t need down there. These wipes from Sustain are 100% natural, made of cotton, and they also contain a natural pH buffer, citric acid, which helps your vagina keep a healthy pH. They are free from all harmful chemicals – all chemicals, actually – and have so many good things in them, such as honey, aloe, lavender oil, and shea butter.

They don’t mess with my pH and I am no longer rotating between BV, UTIs, and yeast infections due to my pH being thrown off. These wipes are soft, just moist enough without being drippy, and don’t have much fragrance to them. They’re big enough to clean up well and they actually make me FEEL clean afterward. They’re the only wipes I’ll buy now… I just got my shipment of 3 packs today which will last me for a bit. And there are 48 in each pack!!! How can you go wrong?! 

I definitely say to cop at LEAST one pack. Maybe two, depending on how you get down. Also make sure you check out Sustain’s other products; they have vagina-friendly and natural condoms, and they will have period stuff soon! 

That’s all I got for today. Carry on. I’m bout to pop this pack open. 


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