Review: Unbound Box, Strawberry Fields Box

Unbound Box was the first adult subscription box I signed up for. After reviewing it here almost a year ago, I waited a couple of months before signing up. The box is on the higher side of pricing ($65 a quarter), but it’s legit like the gourmet box of sexual goodies, and it only comes four times a year so it’s totally worth it.

This quarter, I got the Strawberry Fields box (which is now on sale so I’m completely jealous of any of you who decide to purchase it now). This box features all pink, red, and strawberry items. Being a fan of sweeter tastes and scents, I was a little iffy on how much I would like the box, but of course I was pleased. I’m never NOT pleased with my Unbound Box.

I’m gonna go through all of the items in the box for this quarter so you can see what I mean about my obsession with this box.


Obviously I got the pink one.

First, we have the Toyfriend trainer (~$20), which is a Kegel exerciser. Y’all know full well how I love my Kegels and my pelvic exercises! If you aren’t incredibly familiar with them, pelvic trainers, Kegel balls, and yoni eggs are all used to not only strengthen the pelvic floor postpartum or in the presence of pelvic weakness, but they also strengthen the power of your orgasms. They come in many shapes, weights, and variations, so you just have to figure out which one is for you. The weight on this one is nice, it’s a pretty pink color, the silicone is smooth, and I think my favorite aspect of this one is that it has a retrievable cord. The yoni eggs I use don’t have cords attached, so it sometimes requires a little effort to remove… so this little addition is pretty helpful. The design is also pretty sleek and modern, so it would be cute and not so offensive if left out in the bathroom.

Thanks Unbound for the photo.

Thanks Unbound for the photo.

Next we have the Sex Kitten feather nipple clamps (~$18). Never heard of Sex Kitten before, but I’m not disappointed that I haven’t. As soon as I took the second clamp out of the package, the feather fell off. I was a tad upset, but I was able to piece it back together for the sake of trying them on. I’ve wanted a pair of clamps for a minute and, unfortunately, it seems like my search will continue. They were simple to use and weren’t painful at all. I’m barely a B cup, so anything to dress these puppies up is appreciated. I fiddled with them in my bedroom then walked out to show my husband in the living room. His exact response:



They’re pretty cool for a fun night and if you want to try something new, but I wouldn’t expect this pair to have incredible lasting power. The sensation on the nipples is pretty great too; you can adjust how tight they are. If nipple clamping isn’t really your thing, you can tighten just enough to keep them on. If you’re into it, tighten all the way for the max amount of stimulation.

These items come looking so delicious.

These items come looking so delicious.

Next, we have the Bijoux Indiscrets Wild Strawberry Kissable Massage Candle ($20). This candle is safe enough to apply to the body as well as kiss or lick from the body. I haven’t lit this one yet, but it smells absolutely beautiful. The strawberry aroma is sweet without smelling like commercial strawberry items, just enough to be sexy. I can’t wait to light this one to see if it matches up to my other massage candles.

Pretty packaging.

Pretty packaging.

Exsens Strawberry Lip Gloss ($16.50) hails from Paris and boasts having a warming and cooling effect on the lips. It glides nicely like a normal gloss, and it shines pretty heavily. The warm-cool sensation I felt is similar to the feeling I get when I apply Blistex, Burt’s Bees, or Carmex (I figured I would address all of them, some of y’all act like you never used Carmex growing up), which is a refreshing cool feeling on my lips. The taste is sort of sweet as well, definitely not unpleasant. It can provide a cool sensation to your partners body when kissed or during oral sex. My only complaint about this one is that it’s not all natural, or even close to being natural, so I would only really use it in the bedroom during play time.



Last but never least was the Lolliphile Strawberry Basil Mojito Lollipop ($8 for four pops). I’m impressed that this was even crafted into a lollipop honestly. Lolliphile is fun and they have a vast array of lollipop flavors, from cereal milk to chardonnay to breast milk. This one tastes like cotton candy to Hubs, but like some kind of strawberry cream to me. It was tasty! Their assortment of flavors is incredibly unique. I’ve never seen or heard of these flavors being made into a lollipop. I plan to order the breast milk pops in a couple weeks… don’t judge my life.

All in all, the box was decent. It wasn’t my absolute favorite box from Unbound compared to the other two I’ve gotten, but the items were ok. My favorites were the candle and the Kegel ball, but I’m still bitter about those dang clamps. You get your money’s worth based off of the retail price of each item compared to the price of the box, and even though the items weren’t my favorite, they were still pretty good. Check out my review on the Erotic Education Unbound Box as well so you can see what else they do. And get 20% off. You’re welcome.

I’m anxiously awaiting my next box from them! Oh, and while you’re waiting on your next one, you can also hit up the Unbound Shop for limited edition boxes and other sexy trinkets. What do you think is your fave item from Strawberry Fields?



You Have Some Treats In Store…

I’m back from my honeymoon trip y’all!!! With a couple of things to report.

1. Hubs has gotten the hang of his Dom role. Without too much detail… The collar has proven to be a WONDERFUL daily and bedroom addition, it doesn’t choke too hard unless you want it to, and my weave is definitely sewn in well.

2. The Fantasy Box is on POINT. We didn’t even get to everything in the box though… Lol. I will have a review ready for you guys by Wednesday.

3. Working on my Jones and Rose review tonight. That will be ready for you guys tomorrow. Get ready for some sexy NATURAL body care. I smell so sweet and delicious that I sort of want to lick myself. #sorrynotsorry

4. I will also have some sexy tips and tricks coming this week. Hubs being home is the absolute BEST. I fell in love again over this last weekend.

5. I chose 5 erotic art giveaway winners on Wednesday night last week, and I’m so excited to start on all the pieces. I just wanna paint naked people all day, every day.

6. I will be doing one more art giveaway for the holidays.

7. I will also be doing a sex toy giveaway bundle, but I’m not sure how to do it. I have a blindfold mask, a set of kegel balls, lubes, a vibrator, maybe a set of cuffs, and some other goodies. Let me work that out and I’ll run the giveaway at some point.

Alrighty, that’s all I got. I have a mini headache and my neck hurts. I may use my Lelo Smart Wand to work out the kinks in my neck.

And I’ll see if I can get Hubs to work out the rest of my kinks. Sex is a good remedy for headaches, didn’t you know? (That’s actually true… I’m not BSing that one.)

Night y’all!

– K. P.

Public Parking Lot

If you need a nice black erotica story on this dreary Saturday night. I found it and thought I would share 😊

Dae dae's Freaky Situations


It’s was Wednesday, the famous humpday, but who actually knew how this day would play out. I shut down my computer to take my lunch hour and took the elevator to the second level parking deck.

As I exited the elevator, I could hear someone attempting to start a vehicle. I walked into the parking deck and could see a car with its hood up. There was a woman inside trying to start it.

I asked her, “Do you needed a jump or something?”         Then I saw the most gorgeous woman I ever laid eyes on. She stood up wearing a small black mini skirt with legs that seemed to be endless.

She replied, “I’m not sure what’s wrong with it”, as she walked to the front of the car.

Her scent was intoxicating. Her skin looked like smooth butterscotch. She leaned over into the engine compartment. I could…

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Bound Black: Newest Bit of Erotic Artwork

Just wanted to share my work.

I had the urge to get back on my erotic art. So… I did! Found a photo, sketched it, and this is what happened! It can be interracial or just light skinned and dark skinned. Either way… It’s pretty sexy.

If you want her, let me know!





Be on the lookout for more erotic pieces soon. Mostly black erotic work, because there isn’t enough out there for us.

I love painting it. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy painting it!

-K. P.

Touch Me Through The Phone

She grew tired of not having him here, of not being able to fulfill her needs in every way. She was sick of having her body tense up, being ready to burst, and him not being here to release her.

All she needed was his touch. Or, second best, his voice sexily whispering to her what she needed to hear.

He would call her, and the sound of his voice was enough to get her river flowing. The depth of his voice resonated within her, vibrating her down to depths of her own. When he told her what he wanted to do to her, she didn’t even have to touch her body herself; his worlds tickled and stimulated her deeper than anything she could do with her hands.

She longed for the day his hands could be hers, and she could be filled with his delight. Until then… Phone sex would have to be enough to curb the incredible desire within her.

– K. P.