Being Confident During Awkward Moments

One of my friends suggest that I post random stories and suggestions under the hashtag, #UnderTheMoonlightWithKP. So here we go.

(Hey by the way. I miss y’all. I’m so slack with my posts… but now that it’s summertime, I’m gonna do my best to do better.)

So every now and then, Hubs and I will come up with sexual propositions for each other. Mine earlier this week was a makeout session in the car. We had gone on a lunch date, and I had one of my new fave drinks: an extra dirty vodka martini. (It’s like 0 carbs too, just in case that matters to anyone). The restaurant we went to shakes and pours the martinis tableside, and our waiter left the shaker at our table so i could get allllll of my drink. It was amazing. I was also amazingly toasted about fifteen minutes after.

Back to the proposition… I was pretty drunk at the time of the suggestion, so Hubs was basically like ūüôĄ and just took me home so I could go to bed. I forgot I had even asked.

Days later (today), we pull into the garage from giving up on this festival because it was hot af. He proceeds to kiss me, and I’m thinking it’s just our normal just-because-I-love-you kind of things. But he grabs the back of my neck to pull me in, so I know it’s about to get real.

Now. I have the sides and back of my head shaved, and my hair on the top is short. I can be seen wearing wigs, faux locs, or my hair in a twist out or fro. Today, I wore a wig. A fluffy, ice-blue curly wig. It’s pretty sexy, actually.

We are getting steamy in the car, and Hubs apparently forgets that I’m wearing a wig. He grabs my hair to give it a pull… not atypical of our hot and heavy moments.

Welp. It didn’t come all the way off, but it was enough for me to have to readjust afterward.

I hope you don’t think I stopped. TUH! Nah. We kept going.

But afterwards, I did mention to him that he almost snatched my wig off. He responds, “Yeah, I noticed that…”


So during these times, I have found that the best thing to do is remain confident. Nothing is sexier than justifiable confidence.

And understand that shit happens. Queefing during sex is normal and it happens. Don’t be alarmed, and don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re gross or let it ruin the mood. Sometimes wigs and weaves get pulled. Wearing a wig during sex and he’s pulling it and you’re nervous? SNATCH THAT SHIT OFF and keep going. Feeling self conscious while getting down? Your partner knew what you looked like before y’all decided to lay down. Find and own your sexy and work. your. shit. When you’re feeling yourself and you show that nothing can bring you down, that makes the sexy mood just that much hotter.

So yeah, go handle that. Feel yourself and don’t let an awkward moment stop you from getting yours. It’s National Masturbation Month, so make sure you celebrate alone and with a partner this month.

And I came home and took that wig off. I didn’t need it getting in the way of a good hair pull.



My Personal Vendetta Against Lingerie

Y’all, I thought about buying some lingerie since it’s on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all that shit. Then I remembered my last debacle with some lingerie and I just decided not to.

This all started during my bachelorette weekend back in August. (Oh yeah. I have to share some wedding photos and a post with you guys. Hands down one of the most stressful times of my life.) My bridesmaids took me to Onyx, a strip club here in the A, and I LOVED IT. I felt like I had enough curves to rock some lingerie like those beauties in the club, so we hit up Tokyo Valentino down the street – because you know how much I love that place – and I decided to grab a sexy piece. It was all black, had metal rings around the nipples, and had straps across the breasts, sides, and ass. I wish I had taken a picture.

So we got to my maid of honor’s house where we were all having a big sleepover. I asked the girls to help me figure out how to get in this piece. Two of them were holding the straps in the supposed place where my leg should go, I’m stark naked trying to hold my tits in place, all while trying to keep my balance while we figure out the straps. We finally powered through, but I knew I was gonna struggle when it came time to wear it for Hubs.

Fast forward. I put it on for Hubs, it took about five minutes to put on (PRAISE), but it only stayed on for about five minutes after he laid eyes on it. I begged him to just let me leave it on and pull it to the side since it was such a hassle, but to no avail.

So, fast forward again, we had to wash this thing.

I SHIT YOU NOT, I sat for THIRTY MINUTES trying to untangle this incredulous ball of straps, lace, and elastic. I was sweating. I almost cried. I quit. I gave it to my husband, he couldn’t figure it out either. Fucking A. It remains in a tangled black ball of junk in my bedroom because I simply can’t.

So now I’m just pretty jaded.

I must also add that as a curvy girl with big thighs and ass, it’s a little difficult to really fit the “one size fits all” lingerie. It really doesn’t… and if you’re “bottom heavy”, not really proportional, or in between sizes (like you’re not quite in the plus sizes, but the other sizes don’t fit nicely)… you just have to experiment to find which pieces work well for you.

My main issue with lingerie, besides it being overpriced in my opinion, is that it doesn’t have much lasting power. I put it on, and my husband snatches it off within minutes. Not only that, but after a few wears and washes, the lace lingerie gets sort of ratty and such. And of course, you may never get it untangled in your life.

BUT. For you ladies who are far more brave than I, Fredrick’s of Hollywood is having a pretty good 50% off sale.

Unbound, which is quickly becoming one of my new favorite stores, is having a 30% off sale too. I dig them for their sex accessories like jewelry, condoms, lingerie, and a LOT of vibes.

Check it out, and good luck. If you have any lingerie horror stories, I would love to hear them! We can revel in the tragedy together.

Review: Clitoring by Penelopi Jones



I think I have an obsession with vaginas. 

Like legit. I’ve always thought the female body was incredibly fascinating and unique. We have breasts that create food for tiny humans. We have uteri that grow these tiny humans. We have vaginas that both give us pleasure and birth said tiny humans. And, one of the most important things, we have the clitoris, which is our center for pleasure.

Did you know that the clitoris is the ONLY organ on the human body that has the only purpose of providing pleasure? The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings, which is two times more than those located in the head of the penis. The clitoris is about four inches in length, and only about one-fourth is visible to the eye. The larger or smaller the clit is doesn’t make a difference in how much pleasure a woman can get from clitoral stimulation, but a woman with a more prominent clitoris and clitoral hood can easily adorn hers with jewelry and piercings if she desires, such as the vertical clitoral hood, horizontal clitoral hood, or triangle (female genital piercings will be my next post). 

Fifty to seventy-five percent of women who have orgasms HAVE to have their clitoris stimulated to achieve that orgasm. The clit is so important! 

So when I found the Clitoring by Penelopi Jones, I was instantly in love. The ring shows the inner structure of the clitoris, which reminds me of the inside of an orchid or maybe ever wings. 


Internal erect clitoris


Penelopi Jones was able to beautifully capture the essence and complexity of the internal clitoris in a piece of jewelry. The ring comes in silver, but can also be ordered in warm brass or even gold. The ring I purchased is solid silver (because that’s literally all I wear) and was everything I hoped for and more.

Penelopi was able to accommodate my little fingers, which are about a size 5 to 5.25. I waited anxiously for my package in the mail after I placed my order. When I got the little box in my house, I pulled the ring out of the little mesh pouch it was in and adjusted it. The Clitoring is made to be adjustable, which is great, but I personally don’t care too much for adjustable jewelry. I’m weird like that. Nonetheless, I sized my ring down to a size that fit my ring fingers and put it on. 

The ring is very well crafted and is solid in weight. You can FEEL that the ring is nothing but straight silver, which I love. Very shiny, a great conversation piece, and is just all around pretty. 

As you can see, you can rock the ring either way, with the clitorial glans up or down. I preferred clit up. 

While wearing, I noticed that maybe only one other person knew what the ring was of. She immediately asked me where I bought it, being a fellow sex positive feminist. I have been wearing it whenever I’m not at work, and it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

The original adjustable silver ring retails for $122, which was totally worth it for me. The ring is adjustable from sizes 5.5 to 9.5, but at checkout you can choose smaller than 5.5 or larger than 9.5 and she will make it adjustable to a big or small enough size. There is a matching solid silver pendant for a necklace too for $132 that is equally pretty. For the less expensive choice, the warm brass goes for $95, and it gives you the look of gold without it being too bright. The gold ring starts at $475, and if you’re balling, I say go for it. I’m personally not balling like that… but if I was, I would more than likely buy that ring. 

I definitely suggest getting this ring if you are a body loving, vulva loving, sex positive, lady loving person. Or if you want to get a beautiful piece of jewelry to pay homage to the phenomenal clitoris. Check the Clitoring out at and see which one stands out to you! 
AND, use coupon code ChocCherriBomb at checkout for 15% off of silver rings and pendants! 

-K. P. 

Review: Unbound Box, Strawberry Fields Box

Unbound Box was the first adult subscription box I signed up for. After reviewing it here¬†almost a year ago, I waited a couple of months before signing up. The box is on the higher side of pricing ($65 a quarter), but it’s legit like the gourmet box of sexual goodies, and it only comes four times a year so it’s totally worth it.

This quarter, I got the Strawberry Fields box (which is now on sale so I’m completely jealous of any of you who decide to purchase it now). This box features all pink, red, and strawberry items. Being a fan of sweeter tastes and scents, I was a little iffy on how much I would like the box, but of course I was pleased. I’m never NOT pleased with my Unbound Box.

I’m gonna go through all of the items in the box for this quarter so you can see what I mean about my obsession with this box.


Obviously I got the pink one.

First, we have the Toyfriend trainer¬†(~$20), which is a Kegel exerciser. Y’all know full well how I love my Kegels and my pelvic exercises! If you aren’t incredibly familiar with them, pelvic trainers, Kegel balls, and yoni eggs are all used to not only strengthen the pelvic floor postpartum or in the presence of pelvic weakness, but they also strengthen the power of your orgasms. They come in many shapes, weights, and variations, so you just have to figure out which one is for you. The weight on this one is nice, it’s a pretty pink color, the silicone is smooth, and I think my favorite aspect of this one is that it has a retrievable cord. The yoni eggs I use don’t have cords attached, so it sometimes requires a little effort to remove… so this little addition is pretty helpful. The design is also pretty sleek and modern, so it would be cute and not so offensive if left out in the bathroom.

Thanks Unbound for the photo.

Thanks Unbound for the photo.

Next we have the Sex Kitten feather nipple clamps (~$18). Never heard of Sex Kitten before, but I’m not disappointed that I haven’t. As soon as I took the second clamp out of the package, the feather fell off. I was a tad upset, but I was able to piece it back together for the sake of trying them on. I’ve wanted a pair of clamps for a minute and, unfortunately, it seems like my search will continue. They were simple to use and weren’t painful at all. I’m barely a B cup, so anything to dress these puppies up is appreciated. I fiddled with them in my bedroom then walked out to show my husband in the living room. His exact response:



They’re pretty cool for a fun night and if you want to try something new, but I wouldn’t expect this pair to have incredible lasting power. The sensation on the nipples is pretty great too; you can adjust how tight they are. If nipple clamping isn’t really your thing, you can tighten just enough to keep them on. If you’re into it, tighten all the way for the max amount of stimulation.

These items come looking so delicious.

These items come looking so delicious.

Next, we have the Bijoux Indiscrets Wild Strawberry Kissable Massage Candle¬†($20). This candle is safe enough to apply to the body as well as kiss or lick from the body. I haven’t lit this one yet, but it smells absolutely beautiful. The strawberry aroma is sweet without smelling like commercial strawberry items, just enough to be sexy. I can’t wait to light this one to see if it matches up to my other massage candles.

Pretty packaging.

Pretty packaging.

Exsens Strawberry Lip Gloss¬†($16.50)¬†hails from Paris and boasts having a warming and cooling effect on the lips. It glides nicely like a normal gloss, and it shines pretty heavily. The warm-cool sensation I felt is similar to the feeling I get when I apply Blistex, Burt’s Bees, or Carmex (I figured I would address all of them, some of y’all act like you never used Carmex growing up), which is a refreshing cool feeling on my lips. The taste is sort of sweet as well, definitely not unpleasant. It can provide a cool sensation to your partners body when kissed or during oral sex. My only complaint about this one is that it’s not all natural, or even close to being natural, so I would only really use it in the bedroom during play time.



Last but never least was the Lolliphile Strawberry Basil Mojito Lollipop¬†($8 for four pops). I’m impressed that this was even crafted into a lollipop honestly. Lolliphile is fun and they have a vast array of lollipop flavors, from cereal milk to chardonnay to breast milk. This one tastes like cotton candy to Hubs, but like some kind of strawberry cream to me. It was tasty! Their assortment of flavors is incredibly unique. I’ve never seen or heard of these flavors being made into a lollipop. I plan to order the breast milk pops in a couple weeks… don’t judge my life.

All in all, the box was decent. It wasn’t my absolute favorite box from Unbound compared to the other two I’ve gotten, but the items were ok. My favorites were the candle and the Kegel ball, but I’m still bitter about those dang clamps. You get your money’s worth based off of the retail price of each item compared to the price of the box, and even though the items weren’t my favorite, they were still pretty good. Check out my review on the Erotic Education Unbound Box as well so you can see what else they do. And get 20% off. You’re welcome.

I’m anxiously awaiting my next box from them! Oh, and while you’re waiting on your next one, you can also hit up the Unbound Shop¬†for limited edition boxes and other sexy trinkets. What do you think is your fave item from Strawberry Fields?


Tokyo Valentino… The New Inserection

You may remember my review of Inserection, the biggest erotic store in the southeast. It’s also one of my favorite stores to visit! They have recently transformed into Tokyo Valentino, which is an erotique… Or an erotic boutique. Fancy. 


Stairs leading to one of the sides of the upper room.

I haven’t been since they made the switch, so Hubs and I visited for our first anniversary. I was impressed; the outside looks sleek and modern, and not too much has changed on the inside. I see that more products and brands have been added to the lineup, and it seems like there are fewer DVDs. They still have the full Sliquid line of lubes,  multiple racks of lubes and erotic accessories (massage oil, candles, stimulant gel, etc), and condoms near the front. 

There are MANY toys for women throughout the store, ranging from budget to high quality. The DVD section was divided into gay and straight porn, and the straight section was pretty scattered. There wasn’t much that seemed incredibly entertaining… And the video section has moved from being in one of the upper rooms to being on the main floor. Hubs didn’t really like that there wasn’t too much for men besides the strokers, and even those were pricy for a good one ($99+). Since we are now living together he said that he also didn’t have much use for the strokers, so he just had a sort of blah outlook on that aspect. They DID have some lubes for men, lubes for anal, cock rings, and lives to keep a man harder for longer.


I hear that Gun Oil is great for male masturbation.

In the upper room where the DVDs used to be, there are not some of my FAVORITE items: BDSM necessities, Love is Art kits, and Liberator sex furniture. I literally walked up the stairs and stood in the middle of the floor with my mouth gaped open. Liberator and Love is Art are both based in Atlanta, so it only makes sense to have them there. I’ve been wanting a Love is Art kit for a couple years, and theirs at Tokyo Valentino are expansive in variety but also on pricing. I went online after I left the store and purchased one. Their Liberator furniture was pretty nice though, and they had a lot of options. 

In the BDSM area, they had a wide array of whips, floggers (leather, non-leather, fur, and with few to many falls), cuffs, and role play gear. They even had a number of items from Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Gold line, which I thought was beautiful AND stylish. There were also costumes, kits for couples play, and other romantic items like edible body dust and body painting items. I was impressed that they had so many products from Bijoux Indiscrets; I NEVER see their stuff in stores and I’ve always had to order online! 

 Tokyo Valentino still has the video booths on the lower level like Inserection did, and we actually had never been down to see what that was about… Until this week. Upon entering, the smell of bleach smacked us in the face. Not such a bad sign, I assume. Because I could have walked in like…

So admission is around $16 to the booth. You can enter as a couple or solo, and there is a booth for watching and a booth that features a hole in the wall so someone can view you. There is a “lounge” with low lighting and couches for you to relax or… Do whatever else you want to do on the couches. There are showers, and honestly I don’t know what else is there because my mind was blown by the time the guy mentioned the lounge. This is like a mini swingers spot! Hubs and I didn’t partake in any of the festivities, we just asked the kind sir at the front what type of shenanigans occurred down there.

So in short: 

– there isn’t a whole lot for men, but a hell of a lot for women and couples here

– you’ll find the best of the best here, definitely

– you can almost guarantee that you’ll find SOMETHING you’re looking for

– if you want to expand sexually and you aren’t scared of some wild ish, go to the booths

That’s all I got for tonight! Check out Tokyo Valentino next time you’re in the A, and definitely check online for some of the goodies if you can’t make it!

– K.P. 

Review: VAVAVOOM Waxing Body Art Studio

I’m an Instagram creeper. I have zero shame. 

I somehow came across this business called VAVAVOOM in Atlanta. I knew it was black owned and black run, which hasn’t held much merit to me over the last few years, as I haven’t had great experience with black businesses. I still always try to support then though, because we truly do need support! 

After doing my research, I found that it’s a small business run by Kimberly Grimes, and SHE does all the waxing, the business, EVERYTHING. She started it herself, and she mans the fort solo. I dig that. Everything she uses is pink (which I love), her IG page seems fun and light (look her up, @vavavoomatl), and I had to cop and appointment.

I contacted her via the number provided on the site, and she was prompt with getting me in and set up. She works noon to midnight appointment only, which was perfect for me since I work 7a-7p and most business are closed when I get off. I set up my appointment for one of my off days in the afternoon, and we got the thing going.

I arrived at the shop, and she came out to greet me. She’s beautiful with natural hair and just a chill vibe about her. We went in, and on her chalkboard wall, she wrote “WELCOME, KIA!” And she had women-positive artwork all over the studio. Booty, nakedness, and women everywhere. Yes! Then, she offered me AND Hubs a glass of champagne. Customer service at its best! I sipped wine as we got the preliminary questionnaire done, then I stripped. She had a heated washcloth with peppermint oil ready for me just in case I wanted to freshen up before she started. I was loving this experience already. 

This was my first full wax, meaning it was from front to back – except for a small triangle I was gonna have left in the front. She oiled up the area, and engaged in convo with me about life, men, and art. She kept my mind focused on other stuff so I wouldn’t be too whacked out about the pain from waxing, and even turned on my favorite Pandora station. Kimberly uses a new wax stick with each application, which is SO sanitary! The sticks and wax are both pink too! Bruh. I could sing about VavaVoom. 

My vulva looked beautiful after she finished. I was left with a small triangle that was tapered perfectly. She even used tweezers to make sure it was straight! 

I really love VAVAVOOM. I’ve already made a point to go every month or so as needed. Wonderful service, Kimberly is such a beautiful person, and the work done is gorgeous. I’m obsessed! 

Kimberly is also launching an ingrown hair serum called Venom. Be on the lookout for its official launch on 3/21! Go to the site, pick your design, and call her to book your appointment!  

-K. P. 

I’m Back!¬†

It’s been a while! Sorry folks! 

We moved into our first place, I started my new job, and I’ve been getting adjusted. Needless to say, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write. 

Nor did I have a whole lot of drive to be intimate with Hubs. I told myself we were gonna have sex multiple times a week plus some. While that stands true, life has bogged us down to where it’s more like a duty or chore for me and it’s not as enjoyable as I would like. 

I received some advice recently: Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of enjoying your spouse. It’s so true. Life is gonna happen. Our spouse and his/her body is supposed to be our refuge and our getaway. We are supposed to use sex as our release, our pleasure, and our safe place where nothing else matters.

I hope this helps someone today! I’m gonna take my own advice when he gets back home! 

Product Review: Jimmy Jane Iconic Pocket Vibrator

Since being married, I haven’t been able to play with my toys as much… Nor have I really needed to. But when Jimmy Jane had their End of the Year sale and had the Iconic Pocket vibrator for $5 from the original $35?! I couldn’t pass that up at all.

So I purchased the pocket vibe, and it arrived a few days later. I’m used to my Jimmy Jane Iconic Bullet, but since this one was a bit pricier, I wanted to find out why. The bullet has pretty strong vibrations, which I love. Other bullets I’ve tried were just… Weak and useless. Pissed me off. The pocket vibe arrived in typical Jimmy Jane fashion, a plain brown box that encased my vibrator, which was wrapped in white tissue paper with a pink JJ sticker on it. The vibe was inside a box with a photo of it, and a single double A battery was sent with it. Score.

This vibe is a good size, maybe 4 inches, with a head that has 4 little nubs on the top. You twist the bottom to open, turn off, and power on. I didn’t really like the fact that it only has one power setting, as I’m used to multiple, but I figured it might be ok.

Once I put the battery in, I powered it on. It’s not as quiet as the rest of my toys, which was new as well. The vibration was very powerful for it to be a small toy! It was pretty impressive. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most powerful vibrator ever, I would probably rank it at an 8. I was trying to figure out when I was gonna get a chance to use this thing since Hubs and I are together every day. So, I took care of him, then I would be free to take care of myself.

I went in the bathroom, closed the door, and turned it on. Hubs was in the bedroom in the bed, roughly 7 feet away from the bathroom. He said he couldn’t really hear it on the other side of the door. Guess it just sounds pretty loud when you’re close to it, but that’s a good thing you can’t hear it farther away.

For a clitoral vibrator, this thing does the job. I personally prefer a strong vibe, but this one is the first that I’ve tried that is TOO strong. I typically pull back my clitoral hood and work directly on the clitoris, but the Iconic Pocket was too strong for that, to the point that it was painful. I decided to try with the toy just on the clitoral hood, and it worked perfectly fine. The orgasm was great, but took a bit of time (as I did this solely for research purposes and was analyzing everything… Lol). When I finished, I told Hubs that it felt like the sensation of my ears ringing, but on my crotch. He laughed at me… I was so serious. You ever sit in a massage chair too long and your back starts tingling and sort of itching? That’s how it felt. STRONG.

The Iconic Pocket was an awesome vibrator overall. It provided some amazing vibration and is compact enough to be hidden or taken in your purse. Of course I wish it had more than one power level, but it gets the job done regardless. I think I may still love the Iconic Bullet a little more, but this one will more than suffice!

– K. P.

FML Friday

It’s been a long time since I’ve been absolutely mortified. Today was one of those days.

So I had to replace my wedding band because a couple of stones are missing, and the new one was being shipped. I couldn’t find the tracking info either, but I knew it was being sent to my dad’s house via FedEx.

I also forgot that I had other packages sent to my dad’s house.

So he texts me today, telling me that I have a small package that arrived today via FedEx. He asked if I wanted him to open it, I said “Yeah!” I was so excited!!!

He texts me back…


Sigh. My vibrator from JimmyJane arrived via FedEx… I didn’t know. OH MY GOODNESS. I could have died.

Moral of the story: open your own mail.

That is all.

-K. P.


It’s 2015 y’all!!! We made it to another year! My resolution is…

Ok I lied. I don’t do resolutions… However, Hubs and I made an agreement for a sexual goal this year. Today starts our first New Year as a married couple, and we are gonna do what married folk do.

Our goal? Have sex a minimum of 300 days of this coming year. If not 300 days, 300 times. Doable? I think yes. I’m excited!!! Hubs is too. Of course we are gonna continue to explore and expand and enjoy each other. This is gonna be amazing!!!

What are your sexual resolutions? Of you don’t have one, figure one out!

-K. P.