I’m Back! 

It’s been a while! Sorry folks! 

We moved into our first place, I started my new job, and I’ve been getting adjusted. Needless to say, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write. 

Nor did I have a whole lot of drive to be intimate with Hubs. I told myself we were gonna have sex multiple times a week plus some. While that stands true, life has bogged us down to where it’s more like a duty or chore for me and it’s not as enjoyable as I would like. 

I received some advice recently: Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of enjoying your spouse. It’s so true. Life is gonna happen. Our spouse and his/her body is supposed to be our refuge and our getaway. We are supposed to use sex as our release, our pleasure, and our safe place where nothing else matters.

I hope this helps someone today! I’m gonna take my own advice when he gets back home! 



It’s 2015 y’all!!! We made it to another year! My resolution is…

Ok I lied. I don’t do resolutions… However, Hubs and I made an agreement for a sexual goal this year. Today starts our first New Year as a married couple, and we are gonna do what married folk do.

Our goal? Have sex a minimum of 300 days of this coming year. If not 300 days, 300 times. Doable? I think yes. I’m excited!!! Hubs is too. Of course we are gonna continue to explore and expand and enjoy each other. This is gonna be amazing!!!

What are your sexual resolutions? Of you don’t have one, figure one out!

-K. P.

Late Night Thoughts – 12.7.14

I’m thrilled that we currently have a 3 or 4 night streak going on with sex. Only reason I noticed was because I was wondering why I’ve been so nice.

“I’ll wake you up in the morning, baby. What time do you need me to get you up? Oh, I’ll get up at 0645, put on clothes, run down and grab you breakfast, and make sure you’re fed.”

I might as well have offered to suck his toes and iron his clothes for the next week. I’m too BALLER for this.

Moral of this story: happy wife, happy life. And apparently sex equals happiness, which equals me being less of a horrid bitch as often.

Are you nicer to your partner/spouse after a romp or two? What’s the longest sex streak you’ve had where you had sex EVERY DAY? A week? Two days? A month? (That’s excessive.)

– K. P.

WTF Wednesday: Late Night Debates

I can’t tell if this story makes our marriage loserish or pretty fucking awesome.

I spent hours cooking last night (I made a great gluten free cake with chia seeds and apples and cinnamon… And some pizza muffins) and we decided to watch a movie before bed tonight. Earlier, he had made me some gluten free pancakes and some beef bacon. He got some MAJOR points for that one. We have been talking about watching Harry Potter for a few days, but we didn’t get around to it.

We legit debated watching porn or watching Harry Potter. Like, PONDERED. Lol. Which one do you think we chose?

Yeah. I think this means that our marriage is pretty damn great.

-K. P.

TMI Tuesdays: One Size Fits All Lingerie Problems

Tonight, on TMI Tuesdays, I’m gonna start with a lingerie post.

Have any of you bought a piece of lingerie that looked GORGEOUS on a model or in the store, with the lace perfect, the bows pretty and silky, and just your size…

..and then you get home and look like this?


Yeah… That’s how I feel. Lol.

I got The Fantasy Box for this month, which has been totally demolished (I’ll review that later, if we ever actually use it) because it was full of lingerie. Of the three lingerie sets, there was this one piece I was puzzled about. This lacy contraption had long sleeves and was full lace, and it was one size fits all.


I’m a barely B cup, and my ass is a barely-fits-in-my-pants. I couldn’t figure out how this was gonna work. My mother in law said it should fit like a nightgown sorta, and it should come to maybe my upper thigh.

I put it on after my shower, and felt dumb as all get out. The sleeves proved to be a little troublesome, I thought I was gonna rip it, my wedding ring got caught a few times, and I didn’t know how far down it was gonna cover. This thing was FULL LACE, almost fully transparent, and I wasn’t sure how sexy I could really be.

Then I realized that I hadn’t dried off. That may complicate things a little, huh?

So after I dried off totally, I understood the concept. It’s one size fits all, which I think is false. My small boobs fit, but it was still a little snug. However, there was just enough give around my ass to cling without being too tight. I just think that if my breasts were ONE cup size bigger, I would probably be suffocating.

Overall, I think the piece is gorgeous on my body (Yes, that’s me in the main pic). It clings to just the right parts, it gives off a sexy, elegant feel, and Hubs likes it a lot. Any time I get “that ass though…” when I’m wearing something is a compliment, I presume.

I began listening to Miguel’s music (specifically Pussy Is Mine, Vixen, The Thrill, etc…) and… It’s time for me to go. Hubs is summoning me.

Moral of this story: if you’re gifted in the breasts or booty, think before purchasing a one size fits all lingerie piece. You may or may not be
disappointed. And listen to Miguel.


– K. P.

Lady Love – Admiration for the Female Form

So I have been slack, and I’m fully aware.

Slap me. Go ahead. I’m ashamed.

But, I just had a random epiphany that I wanted to share with y’all… And which I need to do more often.

I got back into my painting lately, and I got an order for an erotic lesbian piece. I don’t get orders for LGBT pieces often, but I obliged and it’s beautiful.


One thing I love about this is the female form. To be straight, I have a serious love for the female body. Our bodies are so complex, and our curves are enough to leave someone weak in the knees. And I absolutely love painting the curves and the female body. It’s a gorgeous thing.



I mean, Coke bottles are shaped like US, not the other way around. We are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t think there’s an issue admitting that a woman’s body is gorgeous. I just see issue with not RESPECTING that beautiful body… But that’s a post for another night.

Find a lady form to love on tonight… Even if it’s your own. I’m gonna keep painting and drawing nude ladies.

– K. P.

Ramblings – 11.10.14

Remember that post about women wanting sex as often as men? And about how some women get grumpy after no sex for a while?

Yeah. I’m sitting here like:


It’s been a few days, and Hubs is currently laying on me and being awkward as shit, but no getting down as of now.

To make matters worse, he’s reading me type and laughing. Asshole.

Anyway, just wanted to share my current situation. Hope someone else is getting lucky tonight… Because apparently it’s not my black ass.

– K. P.

Own Your Sex

I love this post. It’s real. Don’t be lazy just because you’re married!

Fervid M

intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

I am going to ask you to do a little experiment for me: Next time you go to the grocery store, take a good look around.  Be aware.  You won’t have to look too hard.  Let’s say you stroll down isle 9 to grab yourself some coffee and you aren’t alone.  She shares the isle with you; shoulder length, wet to dry styled hair, pulled up into a pony tail, oversized shirt draped over a pair of wilting tits, sweat pants casually tucked into the crack of her ass down to flip-flops on un-pedicured feet.  You glance at her face and she wears a sad expression.  She wears the expression of a woman who is suffering from cramps, constipation and fatigue.  This woman couldn’t possibly be married, could she?  Who would want to fuck that on a nightly basis?  Take a gander at her ring finger and you’ll see a…

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Open Communication and Safe Words in BDSM

One part of BDSM that is not often discussed or acknowledged is the aspect of consent. When participating in Dom/sub roles, you have to both discuss the roles first. It’s very easy to get carried away, and then one person gets hurt or someone is unhappy.

You first have to discuss with your partner what is and isn’t off limits. If you are ok with biting but not ok with choking, make that known. Toys should be introduced prior to the act as well, so nobody is uncomfortable or too surprised.

Also, safe words are highly encouraged. Many of us have seen Kevin Hart’s standup where he says that he said “pineapples” to his girlfriend for doing something that wasn’t sexy. As funny as it was, that’s considered a safe word, something sort of like STOP. Based off of the standup, my safe word is strawberries. Haha. Some in the BDSM community use green, yellow, and red as code words.

GREEN: Everything is ok, I feel good, keep going.

YELLOW: Something you’re doing hurts/makes me uncomfortable, let’s try something different and keep going.

RED: You’re hurting me, I’m uncomfortable, please stop immediately.

Open dialogue is encouraged when “playing”. If you feel like you can’t talk to you partner openly and tell him/her what you do and don’t like, maybe that isn’t a person you should be having sex with. BDSM can be fun and empowering for both partners, but you have to set up rules. It’s not like we see on TV where one person just has their way with the other, hits them, penetrates them, and expects them to say nothing. THAT is called rape and abuse. There is a huge difference.

Just my tidbit on the safe words. Happy playing.

– K. P.